Malaysia boleh!

Hi, we figure that with it being Merdeka and all we should be a little patriotic and show some love towards our country. Yes, yes, corny i know but hey, despite my endless rambling and complaining about the various ways Malaysia can be better (i mean let us admit it, Malaysia has a LOT of room for improvement), at the end of the day i can't imagine calling any other country my home. I honestly think that some of Malaysia's flaws actually makes it the country that I am proud to call my home. So, here is the top 5 things I love about Malaysia (in no particular order)

1. Malaysian FOOD!!!!!! Who can deny the greatness of Malaysian food??? I love love love to eat and i can't imagine living without nasi lemak, chicken rice, nasi goreng kampung, satay, sambal fish/sting ray and seriously the list is ENDLESS.

2. Cheap SHOPPING - This of course would be on the list with me being the shopaholic that i am. True, there are many countries with cheaper shopping (ie Thailand, China...) but Malaysia strikes the right balance between being cheap enough yet prosperous enough as a country. There's nothing better than being able to go online and purchase something under RM 30 on days when we are feeling completely stressed out.

3. Poslaju - This is sort of connected to item 3 but i honestly LOVE poslaju! they are completely reliable and fast. I find it amazing how an item from West Malaysia can be sent all the way to Miri within 24 hours. Considering how things aren't always very efficient in Malaysia, i must say that poslaju is VERY efficient.

4. Lack of speed cameras - Yes, in terms of safety, this is probably an area Malaysia can work on. But let's be honest, who wants speed cameras right? I mean can you imagine driving below the speed limit? I honestly can't. I don't really drive fast but even then, my speedometer would usually hit 120 kmh without me realizing it. If we were to live in Australia, i would probably have to declare bankruptcy thanks to my endless speeding tickets!

5. Lots of public holidays - I'm guessing malaysia probably has more public holidays than most countries since we are a multiracial country. I mean how many countries out there celebrates New Year, CNY, Gawai (for us sarawakian), wesak, deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and a couple more that i can't even remember? I'm not that excited about the festivities that come along with these celebration but i must say that i do appreciate the public holiday that it grants us. hehe.

So there's five of my reasons that i love malaysia. What are yours???

Frette & Deer

Featuring a new blogshop, Frette & Deer. Although they haven't got many things in-store right now, but with the pretty items and amazing photos they have, they seem like a rather promising newbie to me! Here are some that caught my eye.

Top for RM35, Shorts for RM48
Vintage top that goes so well with the beige high-waisted shorts. I don't know what's gotten into me recently, I'm so into shorts/skorts and just this week I've purchased two pairs =/ *cough*
Anyway, the top is available in 4 other shades including pink :D

 This top is really adorable! Gives of a slightly vintage feel too, with the black&white rabbit and whatnot, but the overall cutting of top is not vintagey. Hence, I would say that this top is a blend of modern and vintage. Comes in pink and white too.

 Yes, I've repeated this 3423412312 times already, but yeah I love ribbons and bows. This cincher is perfect to add that cute factor to your tops and dresses.

Love this cut-out back dress! Also has a certain vintage feel to it, don't you agree?


Let's save the financial world one dress at a time!

Playground boutique has this dress "Ballerina" which looks like my kind of style =) Although kind of hard to see *squints eyes*
Oh, and they are having sales too! So, do check them out and if I dare say, there are some good buys there.

On the other hand, lookie at Forever Fashionate dresses! Honestly, I was like wow.. nice dress.. then scroll down to see the dress on its own.  Meh~

I guess you really need mad skills & creativity to match well with accessories like on the blog. ( Or you can just copy the styling off their blog hahaha) Besides, they do sometimes sell the accessories they use which makes things very convenient.


Hey all,

Do hop on over to The E.G.S Shop as we have just updated with 9 preloved times up for grabs. All items are priced reasonably with room for negotiations if more than one item is purchased! Happy shopping. We love giving as much as we love receiving :)


Save the environment!

The amount of plastic bags we use is absolutely ridiculous. I hate to think of where most of them end up at. Think rivers and seas and floating plastic bags. Not a very pretty sight. *sigh*

On a brighter side, I like how Malaysians are starting to use recycle/reusable bags nowadays...and for those who aren't, please do so! Don't let the "1 person is not going to contribute much" attitude stop you from taking the first step because if everybody else is thinking the same thing, who's going to take care of our earth?

So, the next time you go shopping, remember to bring along your own recycle bag. Stash some extra ones in your car, because there are times when you will realize that you just have to buy that chocolate bar on the way back from work, or maybe there's a sudden one-day sale (Why can't they have one-day-sale for clothes like they do for grocery lol).

So anyways, as I'm on this topic. With the rage of recycle bags going around, I'm sure many of us are looking out for those cute and quirky ones; something less boring than the typical carrefour one perhaps? Check out these from AdoraBabble.

Folded into tiny pouches


Going for a price of RM15 each, I reckon it's a pretty reasonable for a water-proof bag. So which design is for you? Remember, save the earth; save ourselves!



The result of today's online window shopping.

RM 49
Blazers with contrasting trims are hot hot hot. And I loveeee them to the max. Get it at Creme Fraiche, you know you want to ;)

RM 46
Floral shorts: cute. Best paired with a plain top and voila. And you gotta agree it looks good with the slim belt. Not sure if it's included though. Do enquire within. Get them from Le mode maison

RM 47
No, it's not what you're thinking. This is a jumpsuit :P So yeah the black top is attached to the bottom paperbag denim shorts/skorts. It's really tempting because it saves me the time having to decide what to pair the skorts with, especially when I'm running late for class. Get this at A Season in Summer.


Glossy addiction

Gorgeous bags in glossy addiction's latest update!

RM 60
Love this hobo with minor studs detailing. Comes with a detachable long strap so can double as sling too! Also comes in black if you're not a fan of bright colours :)

RM 60
 Aint this shoulder bag gorgeous? I love how the combination of black and gold gives off that classy vibe. 

RM 60
It's available in my favourite colour too! As you can see from the photo, the bag also comes with a long strap. Pink colour and long strap certainly makes the same bag more casual! *drools*

Hurry hurry head over to glossy addiction now and get me any of these.


Countryside formality

Far far away from the busy city-life, close to nature would be where I'll be in less than a week! Well... 11 days to be exact.. but hey! Away from civilization?!? Besides that, it would be my first ever encounter with a job! (non-paid of course.. ) My worst dread now is what would an appropriate attire be to work in a retail pharmacy! located in a rural area...

Well, from my insightful observation, "all black" seems to be the omnipresent work attire. But..but.. I don't have such clothes just because it ain't me! *sighs* Well, I guess I need to change my whole wardrobe! No more casual clothes ( i must refrain from buying!) And more formal attire!

For the very lazy me, a checklist to help me choose well:
1) Sleeves is a plus! OR I'll need more cardigans if their sleeveless.
2) Best if it's the ones that look like 2 pieces but are actually one! =)
3) Best if it isn't hand-washed or need ironing badly.
4) Not too short skirts or too low cutting to avoid sexual assaults lol
5) Can't be too high heels or maybe just flats since I'll be standing mostly...
6) Pockets are a plus! To put my keys/ phone.

There might be more, but this is what I came up with for now. Hahahaha

I dropped by Doublewoot and saw a few pieces which would look nice for work! (don't mind those 1-4, just my taste lol)

Sigh.. it's tough finding for the perfect outfit that fulfills all my criteria! Gosh, it's like looking for my ideal man which is actually sad.

Anyways, anyone who's having trouble with time management! (like me) I suggest you list out your 'things to do' into a quartet table like below instead of the normal long never-ending list.
One of Dr. Randy Pausch's great advice, I'd say. Sometimes we do spend too much time on the unimportant but urgent items that our non-urgent & important items would shift over to the urgent & important box! Either discard and ignore the unimportant & urgent matters and focus on the important ones people! You'll be able to find yourself with extra time!

The long-winded S =P

3 wishes

Three things at the top of my wishlist currently.

RM 43
Pleated skorts from whitesoot; complete with my all-time-favourite bow. Too cute to resist.

RM 58
Cotton blazer with the added "youthful look". From Motte Closet.

RM 59
omg gorgeous gorgeous dress. No words necessary, except I want I want I want!! From thepoplook.

I just realized that all 3 items are blue. Guess this week's obsession is gona be blue for me, not the usual pink. :P

(Although I may have purchased something pink this week..which probably states the fact that I'm still gaga over pink. Does that mean I hesitate when it comes to blue, but not pink? Oh how I wish I grow money trees in my garden. kthxbye).



Clothesbucket with yummy updates too.

RM 50 Grey
RM 50 Peach
I love this dress! It's probably the floral prints and the huge ribbon on the waist calling out at me. And the flare of the skirt just adds on to the overall cute-ness. I can't decide which colour is nicer though; peach that goes with the colour of the ribbon, or a contrasting grey which matches very nicely with the ribbon too! 

RM 48
They've got printed maxis too. I am drawn to this oriental shade of which I've seen on some other tops sometime ago. Alas, I need to grow some height before I can spot any maxis. Go, me...that is, if I can still grow.


Queen La Moss

Woopie!!! One paper handed in! Finally I can be rid of the stress I've been having for the past 3 weeks. Not entirely rid of it though, maybe just for the weekend because it's on to yet another one. and then another. and then another. and then much more. Anyhow, today I'm happy. And pretty stuff make me happier. And sharing pretty stuff makes me even happier! So..yea. Let's continue.

RM 25
This floral tank top is versatile, and cheap to top it off with! See how awesome it looks with just a cincher. ..of course it's for the more daring ones. Check out their other pictures where they pair it with a puffy tutu skirt for the sweet's totally <3!! They've got this one in orange too; I personally prefer the blue one but orange's equally awesome!

RM 25
 Striped racer back; long enough to wear as a mini dress too! Love the summery feel this combination gives. Looks really awesome with a blazer too. hehe.

RM 55
Romper romper. Grab one if you haven't yet because you don't want to be losing out on the romper craze. :)


Simply irresistable

Stumbled upon several irresistable treasures while I was just about to pop into bed. Something from Chic Note,

I am positively drooling over this little piece here. The lace, the cap sleeves, the high neck and beautiful cut, what's not to love?
Or if you're looking for something a lil' less formal, here's a casual baby-doll piece. An absolute basic for a girl's closet.
Something similar to the lace piece above, but in casual jersey material. Lovin the rich red colour of this piece!


The stress is killing me!!! I need retail therapy. haha. Anyways, some stuff from whitesoot that caught my attention.

Polka-dotted denim dress. Cute!! And if you're wondering, the white shirt comes attached with the dress, so it's perfect for those that aren't really comfy with wearing tube dresses :)

Boyfriend shirts when you're feeling lazy. Gives aplenty space for when you're greedy too (hehe). Looks stylish all the same. *psst* little anchor prints for the navy look.

Adorable skorts in bright candy pink colour. What's not to love about this one? You guys gotta agree that it looks exactly like wearing a mini skirt right? That's a plus for me ;)


A mix of things

Been awhile since we last updated as i guess we haven't really been inspired by the offerings of some blogshops recently (not really true, we're mostly just lazy. hehe) but then i spotted this:
RM 43
At first glance the dress isn't something i would typically like but there's just something about it that i LOVE! it might be the embroidery or i guess just the general vintage-y feel it gives out.

I've never really liked grecian dresses but i must say i absolutely adore this one! But as typical for double woot's update, this dress is already sold out but good news for those still interested is that the dress is restockable!

What we bought: Oxford flats!!!

Hi! I'm hoping that this would be a regular series where we blog and review things that we bought online. So for this inaugural post for this specific segment i'm going to review the oxford flats that i bought! Remember my post here where i scoured the net for oxford flats?

Well after much contemplation i ended up getting.....NONE of those! haha. well, the shoes i featured were all preorder and i realized that it would probably be mid-september by the time i get them. and knowing how fickle minded i am, i might lose all interest by the time they arrive. So i did some more searching online and finally i found these.......

From dusky wings for RM 48 (they were on sale from RM 70!!)

I chose the grey ones. I initially liked the beige looking one but the colour was listed as gold and i was worried that it would be more goldish than beige-ish as it appeared on the picture and so i opted for the grey ones instead. I was so excited about the shoes that i guess the owner probably got a little annoyed because i was pestering her nearly everyday. Ahahaha. I'm exaggerating of course but i guess i did SMS her a couple times (2 only actually!)  asking whether she posted out my package. hehe.  
So finally, today i got my shoes from our uni's receptionist. I was so excited i immediately opened the package right there and then (come to think of it, M was the one who helped me open the package). I must say i'm rather pleased with the quality of the shoes but but they are a bit small for me!!!! *wails* But who cares i'm still going to stuff my huge feet into them and hope they expand eventually. 

Anyway, enough of me going on and on, here are some photos of the shoes!!
Umm...i honestly have no idea how shoe sellers take such flattering photos of their product and of their feet. This is what i end up with. :(
No comments about how wrinkly my feet looks please! i didn't even know i had wrinkly feet until i took this photo. sigh
I'm completely satisfied now cause i finally have a pair of oxfords. hehe.

Splurge Time

 Escape summer heat by heading to the beach in style.
Ocean green tote bag from Clothes for fun for RM 66.
Princessy maxi from Doublewoot for RM 50.
Straw stringer from The Oddloft for RM 52.

Free & Easy 2 collection from TheOddloft is really eye-candy! Love how they assemble their clothes*hearts*
Both just one piece and just adorable-looking! "If I were to be on a vacation, this is definitely what I should wear" ... was what I was thinking when I saw them.

Another set of outfit to look good with red + bows.. Ah, I shall call this redbow! *a pun from rainbow* BAHAHAHA *cough* *coughs*
Gina pink top from Eighthee7even for RM 38.
[ Eightee7even are having sales till 20th August! 5-10% off depending if it's new or not]
Candy red ribbon hair clip from La Dolce for RM 18.
De Ribbon pants from Two Dopey Dwarfs for RM 35.
Delicious red pumps (under casual album) from We love you shoes! for RM 110.

Since the title says splurge... who says you can't splurge even when it's on sale?!? It's like splurging more for even more! Heaven4Angels are having massive sales up to 70% off and by purchasing a minimum of two items, you are entitled for free postage too. =) Do check it out before everything's gone.


Diva's Divine

Impressive display of goods, various angles provided for each item and each item is vamped in many different styles! Especially like the flirty polka dot dress and the high waist skirt..YUM! Head on over to Diva's Divine to check out their other items.

The Saturday bulletin

The October has got some gorgeous updates. Some of my personal favourites are:

*OMG Love the shoes in this model!*

But don't just take my word for it, hurry on over to their site before all the goodies get snatched up.

The Sweetest Thing

Stumbled upon the Dollhouse Avenue and can't help but notice their sweetest dresses, hence the post title :P Will just overload the photos to emphasize what I mean.