Frette & Deer

Featuring a new blogshop, Frette & Deer. Although they haven't got many things in-store right now, but with the pretty items and amazing photos they have, they seem like a rather promising newbie to me! Here are some that caught my eye.

Top for RM35, Shorts for RM48
Vintage top that goes so well with the beige high-waisted shorts. I don't know what's gotten into me recently, I'm so into shorts/skorts and just this week I've purchased two pairs =/ *cough*
Anyway, the top is available in 4 other shades including pink :D

 This top is really adorable! Gives of a slightly vintage feel too, with the black&white rabbit and whatnot, but the overall cutting of top is not vintagey. Hence, I would say that this top is a blend of modern and vintage. Comes in pink and white too.

 Yes, I've repeated this 3423412312 times already, but yeah I love ribbons and bows. This cincher is perfect to add that cute factor to your tops and dresses.

Love this cut-out back dress! Also has a certain vintage feel to it, don't you agree?


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