Hi all! Today I'll be branching out from our usual shopping posts to slot in some topics on how you can get new inspirations for fashion. Rather than always buying new clothes into our already EXPANDING closet, why not browse fashion lookbooks for new inspirations on how to modify your existing clothes into something new and interesting? Here I will introduce some great sites for fashion inspirations, and one of my favourites is

Here you can see posts from real people all around the globe with amazing street looks, high fashion to normal, daily casual wear. I of course am always looking out for the vintage styles and ways to incorporate that into my own look. Here are some posts from people whose style I admire!

These amazing looks are by a 22 year old blogger/reporter from Hong Kong.

These looks are from a 20 year old across the globe in Alabamer.

There are many many more looks for you to browse and if these are not your taste, head on over to the site to check other looks out. Another site that i recommend is Chictopia which is known as The People's Fashion Destination.

These are some of the looks I decided the post up but there are tons more where that came from. Inspired? ~M~

Its almost the weekend again..Yay!

A picture filled post as I am not feeling too well today :( Even then, I still cannot resist these beauties!

All the feminine pieces are making me salivate and screaming "I want, I want!!" at the top of my lungs. However, I am not permitted to shop for the time being, so pictures are as close as it gets..hahah!

Some new pieces like the blazer is really steal-worthy at only RM49! Not to mention the denim piece with the simple lace detail at the top.


Preloved Goodies

Based on our latest poll, it seems that most of us here are chronic shopaholics. haha. For students, it seems that the typical budget on clothes is around RM 150-300 which i'll say is bordering on the high side, won't you say. I guess for the working adults, RM 150-300 on clothes is pretty acceptable.

So for all us students out there we should probably strive to save a bit of money right?? We, girls have sort of started a system where we try to help each other to curb our shopping. hehe. Not sure if that's going to work out or not though.

But then again, it's never easy to stop shopping right. So instead of going cold turkey and stop shopping completely, why not search for cheaper alternatives?

A reader of ours (a fellow shopaholic) is selling her pre-loved clothes and the prices are very reasonable at Je-vous-moi.

Believe it or not, you can get great items for as low as RM 4 and I'm not talking about ratty clothes that have been worn hundred of times but this sleeveless polo that has only been worn ONCE!

And dresses for as low as RM 7!!

Where else can you find shorts for rm 5???
And i'm loving this MNG bag (only RM 35) and this leather jacket (brand new)

So looking for your shopping fix but your wallets are nearly empty. Do head over to Je-vous-moi
and i'm sure you'll find a great bargain!

Boy, do time fly fast!

There are a lot of updates within this week! To keep abreast of what's happening in the world of online shopping, here is S reporting to you~

Forever Fashionate has updated their site with a lovely collection with florals + lace + vintage! What would that equals to? If curious, head on to their lovely site to check them out! Clickety-click here.

If any of you guys going to a dinner or a ball, without anything to match your dinner wear... this hairband from forever fashionate might be the answer for you! Esp. if you're willing to splurge a bit for this exquisite piece, as it's going for RM 40 which is a bit on the pricey side.

Dainty Little Blog Shop doesn't have just a 'little' update for us, avid shoppers.

Casual plaid jacket seems like the perfect piece to turn your dull everyday wear to uni to something refreshing! And isn't the bow on the skirt just so sweeet~

I like how she matches the accessories with these dresses, don't you?

-in [e] ji - has quite an addition to their collection of clothes. I might say there's a lot of long tops/dresses which catches my eye. I have to point out the long sleeved lace black dress? The cut-out back is really unique with bows made from faux leather!

If any of these pictures entices you into wanting to know more details of them, feel free to browse through this blogshop's site!

Looking for a small bag to go out with your bare necessities? Well, look no further for Heaven4Angels have quite a few choices to pick from? And the stock would arrive beginning of May, so that ain't too far away since time flies fast.

There's also new clothes available too!

*drumrolls* Remember my previous post on Steal the look: Bae Seul Gi? I said that MissOCD used to sell it but it's all sold out and non-restockable? Lookie here!!

The black lace cheongsam!~ The black one is sold out, but it's restockable!! Woohoo~And also, if you don't fancy the whole lacey dress, you could go for the cheongsam top! For more details on these clothes and more, please check out this site.

Good stuff!

Blogshops are once again in a rampage of updates and some items are already sold out, in only a matter of minutes! Some of my picks of the day are,

Never failing Doublewoot as done it again with a massive update on superb pieces. As usual most of the items are hot picks and selling fast. So if you want a piece of the cake, you better hurry up!

Love this two trends on one dress; kimono and zippered style! Especially like the cutting and the intricate gathering at the waist to enhance your figure.

My favourite picks from this blogshop. Items are reasonably priced at RM38 for each of these 2 items. I especially think the crisp white boyfriend tee is a steal, with its unique train of buttons and also a slight flare at the end.

I'm sure most of you remember this coveted dress which was seen previously in a few other blogshops? Well, I sure do because it really caught my eye the first time however it was sold out so fast! Now its available at Miss MVC for only RM49! Love the faux leather belting and the flare of the skirt *drools*

This as i recall is one of those highly coveted pieces going around blogshops. One of my favourite baby-doll dresses with its simplicity. Available for RM49.

I don't know about you but I adore this lace zippered piece. I think its pretty unique. Hardly seen any in this design. Going for RM49 as well.

Absolutely in love with this piece as well. Lace at the top and simple skirt for the bottom. Seems to be the trend nowadays. Only RM45! And one more thing, check out their postage rates, gotta be one of lowest in the blogosphere ;D

Night peeps ~M~

Steal the look: Bae Seul Gi

Hmm, you might not know this singer/actress. Fear not, neither do I *inserts laugh here* I have seen her act in a banjun drama with DBSK though and a few variety shows. I think she's really cute though.

I kind of noticed not many people seem to buy lacey dresses. ( Those who see laces and then immediately buys, you're unfortunately the minority) I mean I do like laces and ribbons, but on the whole dress?!? Makes me go.. erm? Would I really wear it out? Would it be too tacky? Some laces with the larger patterns make me think "old" Thus, I'm really picky when choosing a lacey dress or a top.

Nonetheless, stars and fashionistas has made lace= cute & lace = classy. And I can't agree with them enough! ( Due to my lacking of matching lacey clothes well, I shall steal from those who can hohoho~)

Dress: Miss OCD used to have the exact thing!! But, sadly it's sold out and non-restockable *cries*
Alternative could be Miss Lux from the Attires' attic? It's the same fitting cut. =P Going for RM49.

Necklace: Butterfly pearl necklace RM 18.40 from A fashion story.

Shoes: Goldylocks from Miss OCD. Selling at RM180.
Or another alternative would be, this red and black heels from the Kookything for RM 65!
More pictures of BSG~ I heart this cute lace dress!

Look how when she adds on this amazing jacket, plus that huge flower brooch. This outfit just screams out L-O-V-E!!
[I will keep my eyes peeled for these pieces!]

As of recently, acid-washed apparels are really becoming huge!
Jacket: Don't you just love this jacket? I do! *sighs* Haven't found this yet... come to think of it.. I have been looking for a pale-coloured/ white leather jacket with this cutting~ Haven't found it yet too... *blames self for being into fashion which is quite over*

Loose fitting dress from Supre (Oz): AUD 30.

Shoes: Miss OCD has this similar pair too! But, I'm not too sure if it's still available. It's pretty complicated?

On a very random note... Miss OCD has these AMAZING pair of heels via pre-ordering!~

Why do I say it's AMAZINGG?!? It's looks so similar to Ma Hyeri's heels in Prosecutor Princess (a Korean drama which is still airing now) Aren't I correct? *fangirl screamm* I not only follow this drama cause the hottie (PSH saranghae~ He's the first guy who would make me think that single eyelid guys are pretty hot!)behind there... but gosh, I might as well be watching it just to see Ma Hyeri's heels?!? I can't help but to notice them... I personally think that the director really intended to put emphasis on them.
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Love, S who is being cute and failing badly at it.

A break from studying..

Hello girls! How was your weekend? I for one am sad that its coming to and end and the Monday blues will start all over again. BUT, before all that calamity starts, here's something to keep our spirits up :)

Two tone dresses with flouncy floral skirts with mesh overlay. Gorgeous or what? I've always had a soft spot for two-tones and this piece is no exception. Selling at RM59.

Found a similar piece selling at Those Neon Lights for a competitive price of RM50! No matter which you choose, you'll definitely stand out in this piece.

Found this incredible skirt with unique zippered details on the entire front of the skirt. Semi high waist and slightly body-con as well. Unfortunately it is sold out already, in only 8 hours!

But fret not for a similar piece was seen in trolley-dollies going for RM39! So don't hesitate any longer and grab this piece for yourself!