Oxford flats

Don't you hate how when you're not looking for something you see it everywhere but when you seek out something you can never seem to find what you want! I've wanted oxford flats since like forever but i was trying to control my buying so when i was seeing it everywhere i never really bothered buying them. But now that i've finally decided to buy a pair, i can't seem to find it anywhere! Yes, i know that oxford flats are probably not that "IN" anymore but i don't really care.

So, i made it my mission to find a pair of oxford flats online. After scouring the net here's what i found

RM 79

RM 55

Lush Serendipity 
RM 45

I've yet to decide which pair i'm getting. To be honest i wanted a brown pair (so any online blogshop owners out there stocking oxford flats in brown do email us!) but i can't seem to find any. So in the end i think i'll settle for either black or white. For now i'm pretty much undecided between the ones from Ablinc and the ones from Lush Serendipity. So, friends reading this (including fellow egs girls) as well as any of you out there reading this, do drop a comment or email and let me know what you all think!


Happy weekend!

I spent quite a lot on my last holiday trip so I'm a little low on cash right now. :( So, this is when I <3 sales so much more! Now where will the first stop be? Over here! (Sorry for the lame pun, I couldn't resist ngehehe)

This lace dress is such a beaut!!!! Am soooooo tempted and I mean very very tempted to get it. I am trying my very best to resist because I'm still feeling rather guilty over spending so much this month. I can't help it; I love empire line dresses. With the combination of the neckline and lace, it's just love. RM40.

I wasn't much of a harem pants fan but after watching a korean drama recently it kinda just grew on me. I will get some for work as soon as my semester ends (It hasn't even begun yet -_-). I mean in my opinion it is much prettier than them boring old office work pants. RM35.

A rather simple dress but I love the satin and the attached sash. Go to work with style!

Creme Fraiche has items on sale too!

From the looks of it, this kimono dress can be worn by itself or as an outer wear (Not really sure). Something I would love to wear to work :) RM34.

The ever popular bodycon dress. Grab it now if you've missed it out at other blogshops :P RM34.

A simple but sexy dress with its plunging neckline. RM33.


A couple of old favs

Time flies and i find it hard to believe that uni would be starting again in a couple of days. But maybe when we get back to our usual routine posting would be more regular. We must apologize to our regular readers for the inconsistency in our updates.

But anyway, on to some lovely finds.

First up, An Old Flame
RM 55
RM 39
I've always enjoyed browsing through an old flame. Can't say that i shop there often but an old flame is in fact one of the first few blogshops i shopped with and i have no complains whatsoever with regards to their service and quality. Definitely worth a look see. Really love how user friendly their site is!

Next up, Double woot
RM 50
RM 53
I realize that i'm starting to sound like a broken record but i just can't get enough of double-woot's updates! I'm a little late this time round in checking them out and already some items are sold out. But i guess it never hurts to inquire about restocks. I especially love the long cardigan + dress. I initially thought it was just a long cardigan but it's actually a two-in-one kind of set. LOVE IT!

And last but definitely not least, Angel glory

I'm always a little behind on trends. While rompers have been around for a while now i never really thought they were cute. I mean for me they definitely did not seem to be practical. But after seeing them around EVERYWHERE i must admit that i'm starting to see their appeal. I doubt that i would ever be bold enough to sport one of those long floral rompers but i must say i'm starting to like the more simple rompers like the one pictured above from Angel Glory.

This is it for now but i certainly hope to be updating more frequently.


Are you up for it?

One thing we online shopaholics love (after shopping of course, or for some it's at the top of the list..): Giveaways and competitions!

And this time, our favourite blogshop a.k.a Peep boutique is organizing the 'Malibu Barbie Competition'! There will be a total of 9 winners for this giveaway which means more chances to win. And it's really simple, here's how:

1. Check out their malibu collection at their facebook page or their website
2. Create you own barbie look!
3. Time for a photoshoot with your barbie look :)
4. Upload it to their facebook page here with the title 'Peep's Barbie Contest'
5. Bribe Ask your friends to like your photo

Here's how the winners will be decided:
RM 30 vouchers for 2 winners with most 'likes' on their photo and 1 winner for the most creative entry of whom they will pick.
RM 10 vouchers for 6 lucky draw winners. All you have to do is leave a comment on the album! So if you're really too lazy busy for a photoshoot, this is for you :D

Hurry up because you only have until 15th August! For more info, head on over to peep.


Thursday shopping

Dainty Dresser really lives up to their name 'dainty' because all their items are always quirky, fun, and of course dainty. Their recent updates are certainly not lacking of these adjectives.

This time round they have fun summer dresses (we will always find a need for summer dresses here in Msia where its summer all year long!), frilly denim rompers, cute lapeled tops and some knit cardis for you to choose from. All at reasonable price range.

Heaven4Angels have also updated and I am really lovin the items they brought in this time round. Loads of variety from vintage, the 70's, nautical and also peter pan inspired.

The October

A picturesque post because there are just too many lovelies to choose from at The October.

If you head on over to The October, you will realize that they have the most fascinating names for each individual outfits; one of the things that make me frequent their blogshop during updates. The clean cut manner of the outfits being portrayed is an added plus as well. I absolutely adore the FloralChamp and the DateNight which is the shocking fuschia and blue piece shown above. Don't miss out and hurry over to check out their other items for yourselves! =)


*paid revew*

I'm sure we all can't agree more that accessories can dramatically affect the overall attire of the day. For example, when you're heading out for a sweet date and your heart's all fluttering inside. Shout it out for the world to hear (not literally, but of course do so if you don't mind) with this pair of 'LOVE' earrings or perhaps wear a 'love letter' on your neck. :) I'm sure your other half will not mind you portraying your love.

How about this bracelet here which basically represents most, if not all of us here; i.e. shopaholics.

Heck, accessories are such love that even bags look so pretty with them.

Don't forget to keep them accessories organized with these, of which I personally call the "Wedding dress mini mannequins"

Prettylicious-babes have got other stuff too, which includes bags...
Furry bag for those who love furry stuff (ie V, hehe)

...and their no 1 seller item; magicboo hair treatment which has got a lot of reviews from satisfied customers

Liking what you see? Head over now for these and much more (clothes and etc.)

Window shopping

I used to do lots of window shopping, now with online shopping... I 'window shop' A LOT

Anyways, here's a few updates from our beloved sites.

From Poppy Mallow,

  Which lovely dress would you pick? Red or blue? The frills and bow is just so lovely~
This bleached top and skirt is being sold as a set for a price of RM43 only! Plus the denim bow is removable too.
This dress just reminds me of a maid apron! Hahahaha so lolita-ish. Polka dotted to add more of the cute factor.
This vest is *hearts* From afar, I didn't notice the intricate details of the white lace poking out from this denim vest, adding on the bow at the back is just ingenious! 
So, if these look like something you might like or just for your own viewing pleasure, do check this site. 

Next up is Dress2Dazzle,

It looks like a typical dress at first to me, but it's actually not! This is me being amazed o.O
Come in other colors too.
Love how this jacket makes a normal tank look cool. =)
Pinstriped shorts anyone?

Clothes for fun has a large range of new updates! There's not just clothes, but also hairbands.
These hairbands just screams sweet + cute. All those little hearts are adorable.
Clockwise from the top left box, black top with ribbon, comes in grey too. Who needs to worry about potbelly when you can wear these. Next, flower dress with cropped lace top is a steal! only if you have the body to flaunt it =). And lastly, grecian dress in grey, black and blue. It's like dressing up to look classy without the effort.
( However, bustier people might be able to look better in these dresses lol no offense taken I hope =P )

And lastly, I'm pretty much into crafts! I mean I like them. I'd learn how to if I'm really really crazy about it. However, after a while... all those efforts and hard work just makes me a lazy bum. *sighs* So, sometimes I like seeing what other crafters make and SkranchieZ have quite a collection. My, my, my aren't these scrunchies cute~ 

Btw, random thought but me and h used to play this weird, bad, and probably annoying game of pulling our friend's scrunchie and run off with it or hide it and make them frustrated with one hand holding up their ponytail. *sniggers* So, that's why you people need to keep shorter hair =) me and h don't use scrunchies so this game won't work on us. Poor oh poor v

Anyways, that's all from me, s =^^=

Monday (not so) blues

It's a monday again but to be honest with it being the holidays monday no longer bears any significance. hehe. But Monday is still the day i'll visit double woot and check their latest updates. And this week their offerings are as inspiring as ever! So while there's no monday blues for me, here are some uber cute items from Double woot for those who need a little pick up in light of the dreaded monday mornings!

 I can never get enough of florals!! And i love how calming these prints are!
At rm 40, it is pretty reasonably priced

 A lovely embroidered top is just perfect for casual outings. 
RM 46

 I've honestly lost track of the times i feature a kimono dress in my reviews. I can't help it, i'm definitely a kimono-addict.

 I think this dress is just absolutely perfect for work! The length is not too short and it provides just enough coverage to maintain our professionalism. 
RM 43

And finally a shirt dress. A staple in everyone's closet
RM 46

Do drop by Double woot for lots more goodies!