Are you up for it?

One thing we online shopaholics love (after shopping of course, or for some it's at the top of the list..): Giveaways and competitions!

And this time, our favourite blogshop a.k.a Peep boutique is organizing the 'Malibu Barbie Competition'! There will be a total of 9 winners for this giveaway which means more chances to win. And it's really simple, here's how:

1. Check out their malibu collection at their facebook page or their website
2. Create you own barbie look!
3. Time for a photoshoot with your barbie look :)
4. Upload it to their facebook page here with the title 'Peep's Barbie Contest'
5. Bribe Ask your friends to like your photo

Here's how the winners will be decided:
RM 30 vouchers for 2 winners with most 'likes' on their photo and 1 winner for the most creative entry of whom they will pick.
RM 10 vouchers for 6 lucky draw winners. All you have to do is leave a comment on the album! So if you're really too lazy busy for a photoshoot, this is for you :D

Hurry up because you only have until 15th August! For more info, head on over to peep.


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