Dresses galore

I'll always eagerly await updates from Angel Glory and Dorfbury and their latest updates was definitely worth the wait.

Angel glory stocks some of the nicest dresses around. Some not to be missed items this time round:
Things have been quiet over at dorfbury for the past couple of months but they have recently returned with a long awaited update. As usual their offerings are pretty great and irresistible.
Definitely worth a look see!!

Accessory Necessary

La Dolce is back with another astounding collection of accessories imported from japan and korea.

From upper left box (clockwise): Bow with pearls hairbands, white & gold bracelet, cute kitty rings (if you're a cat lover like me <3, and (vintage camera pendants had been always around now check this out! ) cute camera pendants!

I think these two would make a wonderful set! I just love the soft ribbon ring, simple and sweet! Not too huge nor not too small to go unnoticed! Futari mo Daisuki desu! Hahaha

Black Milk project on the other hand has brought in lovely lovely watch necklaces under the name 'TimeLord's  Timekeeper's collection' Personally, I have been looking for necklaces like these but it ain't easy =(. For someone like me who doesn't like wearing watches only to have the shape of the watch on my wrist as I get dark really easily (probably by sitting in the car even...) anyways, sometimes I'd be lazy to check my phone for the time and THIS would help a great deal. It's hanging on my neck! Not deep in my tight-fitting jeans pocket *laughs hysterically* Okay, back to the reviewing... I can't seem to choose just 1 of these wonderful I shall share with you all basically most of them! ahaks~

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... they're all vintage looking, thus giving a timeless look and I can see myself using it till I'm 40! Hahahaha ( hmmm.. though I wonder if it'll last that long? Do we get to change the batteries?)

I really like Classical. Its look is just classical. *lame pun totally intended*

Clarabel just gives me a Ed feel. You do know Eduard Elric right? He's really famous blond bloke who hates being called 'chibi' and has an automail for a hand! Hahahaha Fullmetal alchemist's ending is just love!! How he proposed to Winry and her response *giggles like a fangirl*

Madame Butterfly is really really pretty. So, I had to include this here. All of them are below RM30! ( RM29 which IS below thirty so what? ) Check them out now at Black Milk Project so that you won't miss out on these wonderful pieces.

S here wishing everybody Happy Winter Holidays!~

Win a dress from Buttons & Biscotti!

That's right, YOU can stand a chance to win a dress! Buttons & Biscotti is having a free giveaway to the person who has the most 'unique' comments on their status which has 'Buttons & Biscotti' tagged onto, it could be together (depends on the individual) with a quirky or catchy comment.

This contest is valid from 28 June till 3 July 2010 only. At the end of 3 July 12 midnight, B&B will check all the participants facebook pages to see who will win this lovely dress!

So, start now and get as many different people to comment on that special status of yours in order to get this dress FREE.

For more info, head over to Buttons & Biscotti now. =) & Good luck to you all who's joining!

Accessorize yourself!

Accessories are love! Not to mention that they're essential to complete the look.

wink-peace&pout has updated with super cute bow rings!! My fetish for everything ribboned strikes again!! *in love* The size of the ring is adjustable so no worries about it being too big or small, and this also means that you have the flexibility to wear it on any finger or on the thumb too. *madly in love*

If you're not that much of a ribbon freak like me, that's ok because they've got various other rings.

Metallic-on-denim rings
Time to rock and roll!

Apart from that, blackmilkproject has brought in unique necklaces, like this one here which reminds me of the white rabbit in alice in wonderland. :D

"I'm late I'm late!!"

Or something slightly more girly.


RM30 @ Heaven4Angels

I love it when blogshops offer storewide sale and especially when everything is at the same price, which means that I'll just have to look at the photos and choose. And guess what, Heaven4Angels is offering RM30 for each item in-store. That's not all because they're also giving poslaju at flat rates of RM6 (West msia) and RM8 (East msia), regardless of the amount you purchase!!! Check out some of the items:

Hurry up because the promotion ends on 30th June (only 2 more days!!)


the.october updates with gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous apparel once again! *drools*

Fully-lined satin blazer, complete with structured shoulder to complete that edgy look. Throw this blazer over a simple top and you're ready for work. Who says work clothes have to be boring? :)

A basic necessity for the office: Skirts! This simple skirt can be matched with almost anything; it's all about mix and match. Love the cut on the waist, no? *psst* If you're looking for something less formal, the blue denim is equally attractive.

This dress certainly gives off the vintage vibe. Love the slightly draped sides!

This piece certainly stands out from the usual boyfriend shirt with its draped design. Love how well it goes with the thin belt and shorts.


Glossy addiction

Updates from glossy addiction never fail to impress me. And last night, they've done it again.

This mulberry-inspired messenger bag is love! Initially I did think that it would be bothersome to unbuckle the two buckles everytime I need to open the bag, but voila it's actually attached by magnet. Comes with detachable sling strap too, so can double as a tote or sling.

I remember there was a time in high school when PVC see-through bags were so "IN". Well, look who's making a come-back. I'm starting to think that we should not throw out our horrendous out-of-fashion items as they'll almost always come back!

Am not a big fan of vintage bags, but this blue boxy really caught my eye. Love!

This cute tote is perfect for a casual day out. Throw in your purse and phone and you're ready to go!


Bow necklace

I've seen bow/ribbon necklaces around as of lately and they're really starting to grow on me! And miss shopaholic's closet has got them in different design, all the way from Japan. I'm really tempted to get one myself like, right now. My favourite ones are:

I prefer the fabric kinds, but they do have those metallic kind too. Check in-store for more Japan imported accessories!


Sale hunter

Hello shopaholics! It's the time of the year: Mid-year sale!! Now who doesn't love a good bargain? I've compiled some sale items that are simply irresistible.

Love the flattering cut. Had an eye on this dress when they updated a while back but was a little bit too pricey for a student like me. But now that they're selling this for only RM30 so I'm seriously tempted to get it.

Love the baby blue on this navy-themed dress. And guess what? This piece is selling for a discounted price of RM28! *shrieks*

Miss shopaholic's closet
Am loving this tank top, especially the one in hot pink. Only at RM17!!

Diva's Divine
This gorgeous rose prints long top/dress is at a discounted price of RM34.


What's new?

Thinking of going punk and show the devilish side for once? Then, look no further and just check out peep's latest updates!
The picture on your left just reminds me of "VAMPs" hohohoho~ ( Go go go True Blood season 3) Fangbanger-styled. Okay, I need to focus on reviewing the cute tutu skirt! It's pretty much something 'lolita' like skirt, but adds some cute factor to the total punk style! The picture on the right is how the tutu skirt is versatile, with that awesome top which is called single shoulder for a reason... makes this outfit somehow rockish or rebellious to me =P Well, i forgot to add "in my opinion", you might just think otherwise.

Anyways, tictactoe also has updates which seems safarical! (am I the first person to use this?) I mean tigers and zebras?!? Cool, ain't it?  However.. the tigers remind me of ke$ha whom I now pretty much like compared to the new ' hannah montana'
And the other half of my post will be making people like me to squeal "I want!" "So sweet" & "So cute"

La Dolce has again brought in a cute collection of ribbon hairbands, ribbon hairclips, and rose hairclips too!

Looks tempting, no? I really like the rose hairclips somehow..." A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "-David Tennant *fangirls* (slaps myself)

Okay, people! One last but not least is clothesbucket with this skirt I loooooveee so much. If this isn't in your wardrobe, well then you'll need it! Elastic band (circular) skirts are such an easy outfit to put on and go out looking smashing!!

The colors are so pretty and it just makes it so so very hard to choose between them. And guess what people? It's only RM30! Definitely a steal if I may say so =)

On a side note, ...yesh, I'm back people!~ S has lost her brain cells to terrible (exams) times indeed and now is able to fangirl about Alexander Skarsgard and David Tennant because she's now officially free to do so! So, please excuse the random fangirlie shout outs! And I think the rest of the egs girls would think I'll need to go to rehab, gawking at their screens reading this. "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said No No No"


Absolutely gorgeous pieces at Heaven4Angels:

These two pieces definitely define 'simplicity at its best'.

Tubed dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Another breath-taking piece to compliment the hourglass shape. Love love love the zippered back.


Two Dopey Dwarfs

Dress galore at Two Dopey Dwarfs! I'm loving these dresses:

Bright coloured dress to cheer up your day (Or someone else's too). I believe that if you wear bright coloured clothes it'll subconsciously make you happier.

Denim dress with buttons all the way. Love how it defines the waistline.

I have a soft spot for dresses like this one here. I love floral patterns of this sort and no matter how much I've seen them, I'm still pretty much in love with them. And dual-tone just makes me all the more in love with it.

Check in-store for couple tees and purses too! :D


Younique Trio

Introducing a new addition to the online blog-shoposphere, Younique Trio.
Some of the items in-store:

Navy-themed dresses; available in dark blue and light blue. RM45. Must love the contrasting red hems that ironically go so well with the blue.

Floral dress with a heart shaped neckline. Available in 2 other shades. RM36.

Get these while they're still the hot stuff: Jumpsuits, available in blue, black and brown. RM54.

To celebrate the birth of their blogshop, they're offering 10% discount if you simply 'like' their FB page. As easy as A-B-C, no? Head on over now!


Attires' Attic

Attires' attic just had a mini updates and i'm loving their items. First up:

The ever popular boyfriend shirt. And it's smoked at the waist to show off your figure. At RM 40 it really is a steal!

i can't remember how many times i've said i can't get enough of florals. But it's true. i LOVE florals and i love this floral dress. Going for Rm 45.

Tuesday's News

Blogshops all around never fail to bring us wonderful goodies.

Some of the items we love:

the ever cute heart cut out back dress that has been spotted at multiple blogshops. You can wear this front or back! RM 50. Avaiable in Black, Pink and Mint (Pictured above)

Double Woot

Double woot has updated with their usual range of goodies ranging from the gorgeous drape dress, floral dresses and bodycon skirts. Definitely worth checking out!


Can't get enough of denim! Well then this dress is perfect for you! There's also other gorgeous denim goodies in store so do check it out!

Will update with more goodies soon!