Accessorize yourself!

Accessories are love! Not to mention that they're essential to complete the look.

wink-peace&pout has updated with super cute bow rings!! My fetish for everything ribboned strikes again!! *in love* The size of the ring is adjustable so no worries about it being too big or small, and this also means that you have the flexibility to wear it on any finger or on the thumb too. *madly in love*

If you're not that much of a ribbon freak like me, that's ok because they've got various other rings.

Metallic-on-denim rings
Time to rock and roll!

Apart from that, blackmilkproject has brought in unique necklaces, like this one here which reminds me of the white rabbit in alice in wonderland. :D

"I'm late I'm late!!"

Or something slightly more girly.


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