Win a dress from Buttons & Biscotti!

That's right, YOU can stand a chance to win a dress! Buttons & Biscotti is having a free giveaway to the person who has the most 'unique' comments on their status which has 'Buttons & Biscotti' tagged onto, it could be together (depends on the individual) with a quirky or catchy comment.

This contest is valid from 28 June till 3 July 2010 only. At the end of 3 July 12 midnight, B&B will check all the participants facebook pages to see who will win this lovely dress!

So, start now and get as many different people to comment on that special status of yours in order to get this dress FREE.

For more info, head over to Buttons & Biscotti now. =) & Good luck to you all who's joining!

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