Advertising and Design Services

Hi all,

We've been around a while now and think it's time to start selling ad space (constantly reviewing blogshops increases our temptation to online shopping and unfortunately that means empty wallets!).

But since our readership is not as high as other review blogs we are keeping our prices VERY reasonable. We offer 3 options:

Option 1
Below our main banner
Size: 500 x 150 pixels
Pricing: RM 30 for 1 month

Option 2
Side banner
Size: 185 x 120 pixels
Pricing: RM 15 for 1 month

Option 3
Paid review
We think what makes our review blog stand out from other review blog is our more personalized review. We really try to find items that we really love and only review them. So for option 3, the paid review, we will write a very comprehensive review on your blog. And the post will be the first post for two weeks!
Pricing: RM 20 for 2 weeks

Design services
And we are expanding our business! Aside for our love for shopping, we like to dabble in graphic design as well. We are by no means professionals but we would like to think that we have a good eye for things.

Here are some of our work...
Our own banner of course!!
Ladiesfash (our very first client!)

We charge RM 80 per banner but of course depending on the complexity of the design you want, the price might be lower.

Do email us at if you are interested or have further enquiries! :)