My Vanity Closet

We were approached by My Vanity Closet and we are extremely spoilt for choice at the variety of accessories they have in store! First up, Rings!

I am so tempted to post up even more ring pictures because I just can't resist. My Vanity Closet stocks all kinds of rings, from vintage, quirky, artsy and much more. If you are into hand accessories, head on over now for more.

Other than rings, they are also well stocked with necklaces, from chunky to dainty ones which can be work to spice up your attire. Be it casual jeans or formal dresses, play it up with these necklaces to stand out from the rest.

If you think that's it, you're wrong :P More in store are earrings! Unique floral and tribal motif and my personal favorite, the cherry!


Other than the featured items, here are glimpses of their new arrivals.

What are you waiting for? Click away :)