Corporate Chic II

HI and welcome to our Corporate Chic section. Something new we are trying out and I guess all of you have gotten a feel of what this section will feature already from the first entry.

I'm pretty new to my workplace, only 3 1/2 months into the job as an engineer and I have to say its been interesting. My job does not require me to be outside and mainly involves sitting in front of the computer doing calculations. In my workplace, there is no strict dress code and you can wear just about anything as long as it is decent (covers just enough of all the right places :P). Because of this freedom, I really have headaches thinking of new outfits every day to the point that sometimes I wish they just gave us uniforms and forced us to wear it. But of course as a shopaholic and fashion junkee, freedom to dress gives me more excuse to shop and also be more adventurous in what I wear.

So for MONDAY, I definitely was down in the dumps with Monday blues and thus chose a dark grey dress to go with my mood and pairing it with a black blazer. 

Dress | nichii
Blazer | BCBGeneration

For TUESDAY, I remembered waking up and having a hard time thinking of what to wear and because I was in a hurry, I just pulled whatever that has been ironed recently and this is what I came up with.

Top | Sg. Wang bargain
Skirt | Vintage

This below would be WEDNESDAY's outfit. It was a rainy day so me being afraid of the cold made sure that I was fully covered and prepared for a day in the office.

Dress | Sg. Wang bargain
Blazer | MNG

On THURSDAY, I was attempting the pastel look to brighten up my choice of clothes and this was what I wore.

Top | MNG
Skirt | Doublewoot

And finally, the best day of the week is here, FRIDAY! Usually on Friday's, people in the office usually wear the company t-shirt as part of T-shirt day, but I sometimes opt to dress up because it always makes me feel better :D 

Top | Padini
Skirt | Nicole

Basically, this is what I wear to the office everyday and of course every week I try to mix and match whenever possible to avoid the usual "Oh NO! There's nothing left for me to wear". This is basically to control my shopping, so I really try to pair more tops with bottoms to get varieties of outfits. But sometimes, a simple dress is the best because you don't have to crack your head to think of what to pair it with! 

SO you have ventured into my one week at work and how do you like it so far? We would love to hear your comments on our new ideas and also hope to get any feedbacks on what else you would like to see. It has been fun contributing to this column and we will definitely come up with more. Look forward to Corporate Chic III when you check back the next time. Till then!  

Corporate Chic

Hello, ladies! Hope you all had a great week. I’m a guest here at eat-gossip-shop and I was invited by H to do a little section here called Corporate Chic. We'll talk about what we wear to work from Monday to Friday.

I’ll just give a brief description about my job. I work in a male dominated industry and my job requires me to work in the office and also on site. When I am in the office, I have to be rather formal but when I am out in the field, I have to wear something that allows me to move around easily. So, I have to find a balance between formal and ‘move around easily’.

 Top: White spaghetti strap from Kookai Bottom: High waisted skirt from Supre
Blazer: from MNG
Dress by Executive
Bought this when I went back for Chinese New Year and I’m very happy with it. I also bought a few other tops from this brand and I must say it’s worth every cent! I fetch compliments each time I wear dresses/tops by Executive.


It’s always good to have a few business shirts in your wardrobe. I usually go for a more corporate look when I attend conferences.

Top: A gift from a friend from a Malaysian blogshop
Bottom: Black leggings from factorie
Blazer: from MNG

Top: Cotton tee and cardigan from Kmart
Bottom: Shorts from MNG

TGIF! It’s Casual Friday so we’re allowed to dress casually. Those who participate in Casual Friday would have to make donations to designated organisations. This month, all funds goes to Heartkids, a voluntary group who offers support to kids and families of children with heart disease. Perhaps this could be something worth suggesting to the company you’re working for?

Anyway, I’m a bargain hunter. I LOVE cheap stuffs! You can imagine how happy I was when I stumbled across this $2 top from Kmart. Being a size 6 (XS/S) living in Australia, it’s really hard to find clothes in my size. I got really frustrated one day, I decided to explore the kids’ section. I think all the treasures are buried there. This top is made out of the finest quality cotton and it’s really comfy! Cheap and comfy!

I really enjoyed partaking in this Corporate Chic journey. If you’d like share with us your Corporate Chic look, do send us an email along with photos attached.

Hope y’all have a nice week ahead!

Are you looking for?

When H previously mentioned she got a toga dress, I was shocked! (then started imagining H in a toga dress) And then suddenly it struck me! I don't even own one. Teehehehe

Checked out realnutcase's blog, and not only was I attracted to the name of this blog, I actually think this toga is my style! But the only color left was olive. I think olive looks good/better with milky white and fair skin girls... which I'm not. But nevertheless, still a very pretty simple dress which its flower belt making it perfect. The only other black dress available is great for going out looking casual yet a tinge of sophistication

 I then chanced upon Chic-Chat and saw 2 very wonderful skirts which I wanted to share with you all!~
 The skirt on the left: OMG Sailormoon! Hahahhaha If you're into anime/cosplaying =) may not be as short as... but its length is more acceptable in public, okay? Totally screams highschool girl's uniform to me =)

The skirt on the right: Printed skirt, animal printed which is actually very prevalent recently from what I noticed. Carefully matched with a black patternless tee/singlet and you're ready to hit the city on a Friday night! (which seems pretty far from today....)

S signing out~

Freeze it!

Hello there! I've been scouting a few aussie online shops and Freez Clothing came into one of my searches. The prices are reasonable and trust me, being a student, this has 'awesome' written all over it. And clothes sizes range from 8 to 14, which pretty good since I'm a 10 to 12 size-ish.

The brands sold at Freez Clothing include Freeze themselves, Junk, Pink Stitch and many more. Below are a few of their samples (***note prices in AUD***):

Clockwise from the top:
Junk Hope Ruffle Dress - $49 now $25
Junk Wonderland Maxi. - $69  now $25
Junk Freedom Cami - $35 now $15

Can I mention how I love gatherings like the Cami. Only $15!!! 

Leaning on to the more essentric dresses, Pink Sparrow offers dresses such as below:

Pink Sparrow Madison Dress - $129 now $29
Leopard Print Lovers, fret not, there are dresses, tops, and jumpsuits for you:
Freez Easy Tiger Jumpsuits - $29 now $15
And since we switched from summer to autumn recently, why not show up to your lectures with this grey knitted dress:

 All About Eve Zazu Knit Dress - $89 now $35
Not only do they sell dresses and tops, they also supply belts, bikinis, lingerie, hats and of course, sandals. Also below $35!!! Literally everything I tell ya !

So what do you say? Head on now to Freez Clothing and get yourself an outfit from 45% to 85% off ( and still look like a million dollars). 
Before ending this post, I would like to thank the egs girls for the warm welcome and hoping to write more delectable posts such as these.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment =)

xoxo - K

p/s: Did anybody go to Usher's concert? Heard it was awesome.

Long time no post

Although H or other egs girls have said this, and I know I'm just repeating this over again... Really do apologise and very very sorry for the lack of updates and posts! Last year in university has been really rough for me *pity me plz*

Anyways, let's give another warm welcome to Miss K who's also part of the childhood friends team. Will need to do her introduction soon ( makes mental note)

So, what to blog about?

In my 2X years of my life, I finally dyed my virgin black hair with the darkest shade of brown. The product I used was Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye "Dark Chocolate". Yumm
Easy to use and not drying/ very damaging to your beloved hair supposedly! However, some of my acquaintances complained of the smell which I actually thought was more bearable than the ones I got in hair salons Hahahaha Then, again I might be just biased. And different colours like milk tea or sweet pink and many more have like different cute/pretty models with different poses! Packaging ftw. I hate it when I look from left row to the right and it the same girl with each of her hair strand in the exact same position but just her hair color digitally edited *pouts* But, that's just me.

Moving on... seeing that I'll need to enter workforce soon, makeup is sort of essential in making good first impressions. I started to buy a bit here and there and poof! I'm sick of concealing which for me doesn't really do much =P I decided to take better care of my face and followed this lady's recommendation of Shiseido's d program acne care set which requires 4 steps! Double cleansing... great... which I religiously followed (which I normally find the 3 step care of washing-toner-moisturiser already a pain) This is my utmost effort people!! So far... no difference but it's only been 5 days. Will briefly tell you the results soon-ish *blushes*
That's all for now! Hahahaha S's randomness has filled S's quota of the day =) Thank you thank you


Itching to shop

I'm sure most of you reading this blog are shopaholics. I can't deny the fact that i'm a shopaholic. i literally itch to shop if i go too long without shopping. and for me too long is usually less than a week. that's how bad i am. my last purchase was on saturday (technically my last purchase was just yesterday but i bought something practical so it does not count. hehe) and now i'm really feeling the itch to shop!!

So here are some stuff that caught my eye (and no, i have not bought anything but am very tempted though!)
Shorts from angel glory. Super cute and looks comfy as well. perfect for days when you're just feeling too lazy to really dress up.

toga dress from double woot. I think we've said this many times but double woot is really one of our fav blogshops!

when i first saw this dress on white soot i knew i'm in trouble. i LOVE it!!! i'm now sitting here contemplating whether or not i should get it even as i'm typing this. SHOULD I?????
another gorgeous dress from white soot. I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

ok. gonna sit and decide whether i can justify buying the dresses from white soot. shall update again soon!

and oh yea, would like to welcome a new egs-er on board. K who wrote the post below this.

Welcome K!!!! Do post lots. hehe.

the hopeless shopaholic, h

Out of Bounds

Given this blog is probably read by girls (or guys for that matter) all over the world, let's just stretch it out to the land down under shall we.

The fashion is pretty awesome here and the fun and laid back culture comes into play with the designs. Just to give you a mild gist of it, here are samples of it:

 Maxi From Dotti - lovely for summer

 Baba Yaga Hat from Dotti - very in during winter seasons =)

 Lovely laced tops from Valleygirl

 Dresses from Valleygirl

These are 2 of the many shops that are known to all around Australia. Coming from Perth, I shop there all the time and it's amazing at the amount that is slashed from the prices. As a student, earning can be pretty tough may it be part time or casual. Hence, these are the shops for you girls!!

Drama aside, will update more later.

Till then xo xo

It has been awhile..

Hi fellow readers, M here and I hope all of you are still following us and as my partner in crime, H said, we will try to update as often as we can despite of our working schedule. Do continue to show your support because our readers are what gives us the motivation and the determination to make this one of the best review blogs in town.

Today I will be reviewing random items which I came across over the past few months and some of these items may not even be available anymore, but sometimes it's just nice to long for something pretty even though we cannot have it, isn't that right girls?

Out of these 5 items, I was so tempted to order.....ALL 5! But the restraining order I put on myself was holding on real well *pats self on back* :P From top down, pussy bow top, a very feminine, soft but at the same time masculine blouse, polka dotted full skirt, another polka dotted baby-doll dress and the striped sweetheart dress. The items all screamed elegant, sweet and slightly 70's inspired. 

Just purchased 2 blouse from here a week ago and I couldn't resist it when I saw that they had updated. They are well stocked with sweet, demure and flirty blouses like the two below and for me, its perfect for work. It makes a plain black work pants or skirt look interesting when paired together and I will definitely purchase more once my ban is lifted :P

I happened to visit their boutique when I was in KL and had the spur of the moment trip to Bangsar and I have to say their clothes look even better life than in pictures. Love so many items from the recent updates. Two words that came to my mind was, vintage and versatile.

Ok that's all from me folks. Till the next update. Good night all :)

Long long overdued post

Hey ppl,

We are still alive but i guess we've been busy the past few months transitioning into our new lives. Yes 3/4 of us egs girls are no longer students and have entered the work force. Hence the lack of posts. Sorry. But hopefully we will have more time now to post since things have more or less settled.

So what's up with the blogshop world?? As usual there are tons of great buys out there! Here's some of my favs:

Love this dress from attire's attic. simplicity at its best!!! sooooo tempted to send in an email and inquire about it. hehe.

Double woot is one of my fav blogshops around and without fail i would find myself lusting over at least one item with each update they have. Heart this dress and i especially love the colour. Is it a coincidence that i happen to be attracted to blue pieces today? Or is it my monday blues manifesting itself?? haha.

Considering that we're working now it's no wonder that i find myself looking mostly at work clothes nowadays. After only two months of work i'm pretty much sick of my work wardrobe. haha. So the shopaholic in me is shouting out for me to get more clothes and i think this piece would totally fit into my wardrobe!!! I WANT!!!

I better stop browsing online blogshops for today or i'll find myself going through half my month's salary. Anyway hope to have more posts soon!