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When H previously mentioned she got a toga dress, I was shocked! (then started imagining H in a toga dress) And then suddenly it struck me! I don't even own one. Teehehehe

Checked out realnutcase's blog, and not only was I attracted to the name of this blog, I actually think this toga is my style! But the only color left was olive. I think olive looks good/better with milky white and fair skin girls... which I'm not. But nevertheless, still a very pretty simple dress which its flower belt making it perfect. The only other black dress available is great for going out looking casual yet a tinge of sophistication

 I then chanced upon Chic-Chat and saw 2 very wonderful skirts which I wanted to share with you all!~
 The skirt on the left: OMG Sailormoon! Hahahhaha If you're into anime/cosplaying =) may not be as short as... but its length is more acceptable in public, okay? Totally screams highschool girl's uniform to me =)

The skirt on the right: Printed skirt, animal printed which is actually very prevalent recently from what I noticed. Carefully matched with a black patternless tee/singlet and you're ready to hit the city on a Friday night! (which seems pretty far from today....)

S signing out~

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