Attire's Attic

A great update available at Attire's Attic. Some pieces really got me hooked that even in this freakishly late hour I still have the energy to blog :P

Hmm, is it me or there's a black and white colour palette going on here. The first two pieces are the same but cos I love it so much that I had to show it in both colours. Sexy toga dress with slight draping details is definitely chic. The last piece here is a slightly more demure, eyelet piece. Perfect for a movie date which ends with more shopping! ;)

Sleeping Beautee

New updates are available at Sleeping Beautee and there are definitely some eye catching pieces! Here are some of the items that I absolutely adore..

From top, the lace piece is definitely a must have. Its so classy and subtly sexy that you can pull it off for any occassion. The next two pieces are more to casual with the pleated button blouse and the vest. Really love the simplicity of the denim vest. And finally, the knitted pearl cardigan! Oh how I love cardigans, I have them in various colours, cropped, long, oversized but I have yet to own a piece like this. So go on over for more goodies!

Plus Size Fashion Exchange

One thing I love about fashion is that it does not discriminate. Whether you're tall, short, petite or plus sized, there is something out there for each individual. This is why Plus Size Fashion Exchange is a great addition to the online shopping network, because, as their name suggets, their clothes cater for plus sizes. 

Zig-Zag Valentine
Abstract patterns with a kimono style. This is a very versatile dress and the kimono style is not going anywhere anytime soon. Only for RM45 and available in 2 different colours.

Wear Me Dress
Because I love all the colours of this dress, I cannot help but post all of them up. Moreover, you can wear it in 3 different styles as show in the picture. At an affordable price of RM42.

Phoebe Ruffled Lace Dress
Babydoll dress in chic nude colour! Comes with an inner satin piece. Can be worn as shown in picture or off-shouldered as well. Need I say more? RM46 ladies.

Military Stud Tunic
The military style is definitely still in and it's also gonna be here to stay for a while. Why don't you grab yourself this piece here for only RM35!

 Checkered BF Long Tee
I have always personally loved the bf inspired look. There are all sorts of style out there, plain, stripes and this checkered one is not to be missed. RM34 and from the looks of it, it's selling off real fast.

Go on and make a pit stop to Plus Sise Fashion Exchange to see more of their goodies for yourself!

More goodies

One of my all time favourite blog to visit has some new arrivals and it never fails to disappoints. Updated with dresses, vests, jackets, playsuits and more!

Updates! Updates!

Seems pretty quiet nowadays in the reviews, and we greatly apalogise for that. Hopefully I can make this post as comprehensive as possible to catch up with the current updates :)

I this this bag needs no introduction. The classic Chanel. Oh how I love the red lining, the contrast with the nude quilted exterior!
Attracted to this nude coloured top the moment I feasted my eyes on it. Gathered waist and zipper front, perfect for casual and also formal wear.
This ruffled blouse is oh so feminine with the scatterring of ribbons all over. Must have!

The latest update by grabbs is definitely worth some retail therapy. I myself have indulged in the Morina (first pic) and awaiting its arrival! Anything catch your eye? Well you better hurry up as the stocks are being snatched up pretty fast. Do check out more at their website.

They are currently having ready stock of items imported from the States!! Some that immediately caught my eye were:

Sweet N Cute

 Vintage much

Left: From grazioso**, a very unique colored striped dress nicely matched with a dark green ribbon.
Right: From Pinkenuf, nicely-tonned pink rompers covered with polka dots. (and pockets too!!)

**psst.. grazioso is having an anniversary promotion which includes 20% Discount for Return Customers, free postage for first time buyers, and a lucky draw! For more details do check out their homepage. =)

 Floral date (?)

Oh I like this! Sweet and demure looking.... chiffon + florals! Plus, an interesting shade of blue... a shade which doesn't seem to exist in my wardrobe! This chiffon top is from playground boutique for RM39.  

So much for the first post of the month, sorry for the short post! ~S~