The Parcel

Other than Christmas parties, let us not forget the year-end company dinners. This bodycon from The Parcel will certainly compliment your body shape well. Slight ruches and layering, finished off with gentle blings for the appropriate attention. Smexy! :)

In celebratory of their opening, they're offering free postage for their first three customers! So hurry over now!



Tictactoe updates with a few pretty items!

RM 45
RM 45
Cute puffy skirts lined with black lace! I reckon it'll look good with just about anything. A simple white tank top would do.

Top - RM 42; Pants - RM 50
Love how the top and pants match so well together. It's all about the ribbons!!!!!

My fav buys

Been spring cleaning for the past week and my hands are hurting a lot! But this way I feel less guilty about shopping hehe. C'mon, I deserve it!

Yesterday this arrived from twin flames closet and I LOVE it to bits and pieces!! The material's stretchy and the side ruches ensure perfect fit!

They're only left with nude and white though, so you could head over to the attires' attic for the red one.

I bought another red dress in the same week from ladiesfash, and I LOVE this one too! The picture doesn't do it justice, really. I reckon it looks much better worn :D

I 'invested' in some work clothes too and I really like this one from doublewoot. Although it's a little bit loose on the waist for me, I don't regret getting this at all. Thick and comfy cotton; perfect for working in air-conditioned offices.

While I'm at it, I just gotta spazz about this mulberry-inspired I got from Angel Glory a while back. I must say that this is one good buy. Normally I'm rather fussy about purchasing bags, because I really like for my bags to be structured, ie. it should maintain its shape when placed on the table and when there are things in it. I must say, 2 thumbs up to this bag :)

What are your favourite buys?


Yet again another Christmas-related post. Can't seem to get enough of em 'christmassy' stuff!

From nothingdoodles (Owned by blackmilkproject), gift tags for them many presents! Definitely useful if you've got a memory like mine, and makes a cute decoration too.

RM 15 per pack of 10

Like the designs but not in need of the gift tags? They've got the same designs for Christmas cards! :)

Have fun shopping! v.


There's still over a week to Christmas, so don't fret if you haven't found the perfect christmas gifts for your loved ones (including family and friends!) Here's some ideas for you guys.

Handmade accessories from Little Jade Vines.

RM 27

RM 17

Something green for that christmas party. Boyfriend shirt cum dress from eighthee seven. Very simple but I LOVE it!

RM 45

Gorgeous RED Mary Janes from We <3 you shoes.

RM 80

By Aurora

Looking for christmas-themed accessories? By Aurora brings you lots of earrings perfect for this festive month, and at very affordable prices too!

RM 12

RM 12

RM 10

RM 10

Apart from accessories, I've totally fallen in love with this bag here.

RM 28 (Pre-order)

RM 28 (Pre-order)

I simply love the shine and the shape. Not to mention the many choices of colours it comes in! Available in 8 different choices and to be honest, I cannot really decide which I like the best. I really want alllll of them!!


Clothes for fun

Spotted reallllly pretty laced dresses from Clothes for fun that I couldn't resist sharing.

RM 48
RM 48
I think this dress is a combination of sexy and cute. I especially love the tutu flare. And black is definitely my  pick for this dress. Available in red and beige too.

RM 50
Again, I'm bias for black laced dresses. This one here is more body hugging and definitely screams sexy. I LOVE!!! Other colours include red, white and beige.

RM 55
I've been looking out for baby blue blazers for the long time ever and here it is! But it seems like it's going to be a little too big for me so I'll pass on this one. But don't you agree that it looks incredible?


Keeping me warm this christmas

Remember the cute and comfy socks with quirky animal designs from blackmilkproject? They've restocked them, and this time with slightly different designs. Socks perfect for cold weather and comes with anti-slip (Definitely useful if you're travelling to somewhere cold, trust me! Lol)


Hello hello

Sorry for the lack of updates! We've been sooooooooooo busy being the students we are, but now we're back :) In the meantime, we're gona go through the tons of emails we've received so please bear with us!

Here's 2 pretty dresses I spotted at Glamorously Fit Closet that seems to fit the Christmas season so well! I really adore the contrasting red ribbon which just goes so well with the black.

RM 69

RM 75

I do admit it is a little bit pricey for students, but the price is inclusive of shipping and judging from the photos, it would seem that the quality is worth the price. Check it out quickly because they have only 1 piece of each.