Sneak Peek: Mewze - Bringing Online Shopping to a New Level

There are more and more online boutiques popping up each day. But how many of these gives you the freedom to design your own dress?

This is where MEWZE comes in. MEWZE is a new concept of online shopping, where YOU are not only the customer but also the DESIGNER. 

Mewze organizes monthly competitions looking for the best dress design. The winning design will be manufactured and sold exclusively on MEWZE and the winning designer will be handsomely rewarded (Cash prizes and royalties are up for grabs!).

Their first monthly challenge theme is “Little Coloured Dress”. Start brainstorming for ideas and start sketching!
Oh and yes don't forget to get all your friends to vote on your designs. Voters too will get a chance to win attractive prizes.

Mewze will launch at 9.10 am on 11 Dec 2013, so mark that date! Check out their website and facebook page for more updates.

Why are we so obsessed with designer labels?

Hi guys, yes, we’ve been dead for a very long time but I’m bored and when I’m bored I start online shopping. Now that I’ve started working, I’m ashamed to say that my online shopping has transcended beyond hunting for cheap bargains on the net but instead I find myself constantly drawn to Reebonz. I’m always stalking the site for good bargains on the bags of my dream, which changes each week. Today it might be a proenza schouler ps1, tomorrow a prada saffiano tote, the next day a celine luggage bag and the list goes on and on. But yes, I still have some self control and I don’t go around buying bags on a whim no matter how tempting it can be.

And then I start thinking, why do we even indulge in designer bags. Is it even worth it to spend RM2k or more on a bag?? I mean Malaysians aren’t known for very high salary and while I’m happy with the salary I’m getting, I’m definitely not earning enough to be spending thousands on bags!
I’ve been raking my brain over this question because as tempted as I am to indulge in another designer bag (yes, sadly I’ve succumbed to temptations before), if I can’t justify it, then I can’t buy it.
Do we buy designer bags because of their superior quality? I’m loving my mulberry alexa so far and quality wise I can’t complain but then again I’ve been using it for less than six months and I’ve had RM 100 bags that last for years. And if we’re buying solely for quality I’m pretty sure we can find good quality bags for a fraction of designer prices. Take for example my Cole Haan bag which I got for a bargain as I got a friend to help me purchase it from the States (I got it for USD 300 and I saw it on retail here for RM 3k). Technically Cole Haan isn’t considered designer but rather just “branded” I guess. Quality is amazing and I’ve been using the bag for close to 2 years and it still looks good as new. So can I fairly say that my RM 1000 Cole Haan bag is of inferior quality to my Mulberry? I honestly can’t! But yet why is Mulberry more coveted than Cole Haan? Or would you say a RM2k LV bag made from canvas (yes, most affordable LV, Gucci, Prada aren’t even leather!!!!) is better than a RM1k LEATHER bag??? So if I were to justify my purchases for a designer bag for quality, won’t I just be lying to myself?
So the only other reason I can think of is that we buy designer goods just for the status symbol. But while I’m the first to admit that I’m quite a shopaholic and that I’m materialistic, I just can’t seem to admit to myself that I am so insecure that I let myself be defined by the bag I carry or the clothes I wear. But if we think about it, aren’t most people who lug around designer bags only doing so solely as a status symbol? I mean why else would someone carry a monogram bag that is so blatantly advertising the brand they’re carrying?
I realize this post might be insulting to a lot of people and even insulting to myself. But I really do wonder what it is about designer bags that make us so drawn to them. I like to think that I have more substance and that I do not need a designer bag to make me feel like I am “fashionable” or “successful”.  So, I am still raking my brain trying to find a valid reason for why people buy designer bags and until I can do so, I will have to practice a lot of self control and not purchase another designer bag (though there’s a Prada Saffiano Tote that is just calling out to me!). Either that or I guess I will just have to admit to myself that yes, I am buying a bag solely for the status symbol and to show off to others, which for now I’m still refusing to believe!!
 So yes, please enlighten me! If you own designer bags, why do you buy them????

Hanchelle Inc.

A new blogshop Hanchelle Inc.  is in town and just in time for this festive season! As I am from East Malaysia, I am an avid supporter of new entrepreneurs in this Cat City I call home. 

They are well stocked with festive colours such as these

You also do not want to miss out classic favourites like these here

Some of my personal favourites are
Bianca RM47

Alexandria (sold out!)

They are also offering  attractive and affordable prices which ranges from RM40-RM60! Do check out their sales and promotions tab for more info.

So, for those who have yet completed their CNY shopping (psst, you can never have too many dresses for CNY), head on over to Hanchelle Inc.!

CNY Shopping!!

CNY is just around the corner and i don't know about the rest of you, but I for one am excited! As a child ihave always loved CNY as it means receiving ang pau, eating new year goodies (i simply can't resist prawn crackers and cornflake cookies!) and the gathering with relatives and friends. Today, I still love CNY for all the same reasons and more! More being shopping for clothes!! Yes, CNY is one time where we don’t feel guilty (or at least feel less guilty) about buying new clothes.

I’m sure most of you have already started your CNY shopping but for those who have yet to do so, there are plenty of great offerings online.

First up, one of our new fav, Seoul Beauty. We’ve always been hesitant about pre order products but after purchasing from Seoul Beauty, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is indeed top notch and for the prices, there are no complaints at all. The only downside with it being preorder is having to wait though. But it is worth the wait! They recently updated with a bunch of accessories. Check out the headbands in a variety of colours below. The best part? Only rm 8 each!

Next, another old fav of ours, double woot. I’ve honestly lost count of the number of purchases I’ve made from double woot. And again, their quality never fails to disappoint. I’m pretty sure everyone can find something they love. They have an amazing collection of cheongsams! And i especially love the dorothy perkins inspired flare dress! Totally tempted to put in an order ASAP!

And before I forget, from all of us here at EGS,
Happy New Year!!

Aldabella Diva

Aldabella Diva, where aldabella means beautiful in Italian and I'm sure you all know the meaning of diva, because I think all girls are diva-licious at heart ;)

Aldabella Diva has a wide range of apparels; dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers and accessories all handpicked to ensure quality and and workmanship.

Here are some of their casual items at affordable prices! If you are looking for a burst of color in your wardrobe, then these pieces are for you.

Basic Dress in Red RM45 | Pleated Dress in Green RM45
Mustard Ruched Dress RM45 | Cheeky Lady in Pink RM59 (with belt)

For more luxurious, work-centered pieces, there are these two demure but professional looking pieces for you.

X Hem in Dusty Pink RM82 | Key Hole Dress in Mustard RM89

Some other personal favorites are

Other than dresses, there are also well stocked in dainty, casual and work blouses such as these!

Peter Pan Top in Striking Pink RM46 | Angel Top in White RM45 | Berry Top in Green RM39
Ribbon Top in White RM39

Need something to match the tops? Fret not as there is a bottoms category with irresistible pleats and lace.

Pleated 3/4 Pants in Pink RM48 | Pleated Midi in Salmon RM42 | Pleated Nude Midi Skirt RM36 |
Grey Shorts RM32

They have also just launched their Premium Collection 2 and  its oozing flair, simplicity and class. Some items I love are. Can't wait to go place an order of my own now!

That's not all! They're offering FREE Poslaju for purchases of RM200 and above and will even throw in a free blouse if you purchase more than RM250!

So what are you waiting for? ;)

Seoul Beauty

I think we here at EGS has made it known several times that we are fans of the korean culture. We just love watching korean dramas (the plot, the love story, the hot guys!), listening to korean music (again, hot guys alert), eating korean food.....But you know what's one of the things we love most about korean culture........

....Korean fashion!!

I think we have featured numerous blogshops that specializes in korean fashion. That's because we just can't get enough of it...

Anyone who have purchased korean items can attest to the quality....and they are oh so stylish!!!

So for those like us who love korean fashion, there's a new blogshop in town that specializes in bringing korean fashion to the Malaysian masses. Best of all, the items are very reasonably priced!!! I've already added a few items to my wish list!

Seoul Beauty is a new blogshop featuring solely Korean Fashion. Here are some of the lovely items available:
Rose Lace Dress
RM 61

Long Sleeved Baby Doll Lace Dress
RM 72

Pleated work dress
RM 76
I absolutely love this piece!!

And best of all, as part of their grand opening promotion, they are offering free postage for the first 10 customer...

So hurry up and check out the Seoul Beauty


For any of our readers in Australia, I have great news for all of you!

There's a new shop on the block and i must say, their collection is pretty impressive. Let me introduce you all to the 7 senses. The team at the 7 senses aims to bring good quality asian fashion to the land down under.

Here's some of my favs:

How bout a baby pink blazer to brighten up your work wear?

Or a LBD for a night out?

or a pair of paper bag shorts for those lazy weekends?

Anyway, the7senses are currently running a giveaway. All you have to do is like their facebook page and be in the chance to win vouchers!

Do check out their site!

Kee's creampuff

I'm a big big fan of desserts and basically anything sweet! And one of my fav pastries are cream puffs!

So imagine how excited I was when we were approached by kee's cream puffs.

Kee's cream puffs as the name indicates specializes in cream puffs. Currently they only have a Facebook page but they do deliveries!!

So the other day, the lovely ppl from kee's cream puffs were kind enough to send me a box of cream puffs.

How can anyone resists these???

Well, i certainly didn't bother resisting them at all and devoured a few of them in a single sitting!! The creampuffs were absolutely yummy! The best part is they were bite size so you can pretty much just pop them in your mouth! hehe...

I now find myself craving for more!!

So if you happen to fancy some creampuffs, do remember to check out Kee's cream puffs!

Ambers Boutique

Ambers Boutique offers a wide selection of fashion items, ranging from bags and shoes to clothings and accessories. Their large collection gave me quite a difficult time to choose what to review!

Bags to suit every occasion. From casual slings to more formal hugs. They have each of these bags in many different colours, so rest assured that you'll be able to pick your favourite colours. :) Prices range from RM35 to RM47. What a steal!

This off-shoulder dress is absolutely kawaii! Soft florals and frills; what is there not to like about this one here? I just can't seem to get enough of cute dresses. haha! Get if for RM36.

Absolutely ADORE that pink off-shoulder dress! (I've just realized that I picked two pieces of off-shoulders for this review, ah well they ARE gorgeous.) Love the figure hugging top and layered, flared skirt. Available in red (equally gorgeous) and black (for those who prefer the little black dress). Best of all it's for only RM37.

RM39 for the black and white striped maxi. It's a must-have in your closet! *psst* I've seen a lot of these selling in Japan this summer for prices much higher than what you can get for here.

Gorgeous pair of heels! Love the buckles and the zippered back. Made from PU leather. RM76.

If you fancy shoes that are a little bit different from the norm, why not get this pair of simple heels, only to realize the little "twist" at the back; snake-skin at the back. RM65.

...or go beyond that, and get yourself a pair of zebra print pumps! RM75.

Here's a little extra for you:
For purchases of RM50 and above, you'll receive a free gift; RM100 and above gets you free postage! :) Why wait?

Doll-like fashion

Nam Gyu Ri pulled doll-like fashion really really well in the drama "49 days". I personally wasn't a fan of dressing up doll-like until I watched this sad touching drama!! *hints to everyone who needs to shed a few tears to watch this!!* On the side note, this drama opened my eyes and heart to really treat everyone from good to better and from better to even more better doesn't matter near or far! So that they would be able to shed a genuine sad tears for me when I'm gone =P

Anyways, back to her dresses! From the nice pale pastel colour (peach) to the flowy cape and the ribbon belt! This dress is just such an awesome design! Especially if you're like me, not happy with sleeveless dresses and all~
 The other white dress she wore was also angelic! She cut her hair too [Note: She's on the left-hand side] [Yes, I agree... her face eerily portrays a doll too! >3<]
 This is outside the scope of the drama, but I think I love this dress! Butterfly sleeves and floral patterns with colours that suit this spring season makes my heart go "AHhhhhhh!~"

Well, take care guys~ That's all from me! Hope your week ahead is filled with joy and happiness unlike mine which compromises of an 8.30am mid-sem test on psychiatry disorders and a health promotion assignment due on Friday *cries*