Kee's creampuff

I'm a big big fan of desserts and basically anything sweet! And one of my fav pastries are cream puffs!

So imagine how excited I was when we were approached by kee's cream puffs.

Kee's cream puffs as the name indicates specializes in cream puffs. Currently they only have a Facebook page but they do deliveries!!

So the other day, the lovely ppl from kee's cream puffs were kind enough to send me a box of cream puffs.

How can anyone resists these???

Well, i certainly didn't bother resisting them at all and devoured a few of them in a single sitting!! The creampuffs were absolutely yummy! The best part is they were bite size so you can pretty much just pop them in your mouth! hehe...

I now find myself craving for more!!

So if you happen to fancy some creampuffs, do remember to check out Kee's cream puffs!


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