Adverts as easy as a touch

Hi, sorry but today i'm going to branch out slightly from our typical shopping posts. Aside from being a shopping addict, i love online competitions (i mean who can say no to freebies) and traveling. So, when you put MAS + online contest + free tickets (to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), you get a very excited me!

So, for those of you who have yet to hear about it, MAS recently launched their mobile site, And, as part of their promotions for the site, they're organizing a video contest. The premise is simple, create a video with the theme " as easy as ........"

Being slightly video shy (ok. for those who know me, slightly is an understatement), i told a couple of friends about the contest and they were pretty interested as well. So, yea, i was just there as the kepoh person, not doing much but just laughing at them. Hoho.

kk. I think most of you are probably sick of my long narrating. So, on to the video:

Aren't they completely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Kristy for being such a good sport! And Anthony and Nigel as well!! And if you look closely you'll see a surprise cameo appearance from ME!!! ahahaha. I tried my best to stay out of frame but somehow appeared in one of the scenes. oh well. at least no one can tell it's me anyway. But yea, had a lot of fun during the shoot and we had the chance to enjoy the sunset. LOL. a bit of an inside joke there. Those who were there would probably get what i'm referring to.

So, yes, as easy as a touch. It really is!!! Just a couple of touches and you can book a flight, check in, manage your bookings, and check your flight status among others. And, more importantly, you can do it anywhere, as long as you have a phone that can go online. I'm oh so excited to start booking flights and planning my next holiday. But yes, of course first i have to figure out the tiny tiny issue of money. SOB SOB. In a perfect world, I'll be really rich and can just travel freely without a single worry in the world. Ok, sorry, i'm deviating slightly from the point. Ahhh. but i can practically hear the sakura blossoms in japan calling out to me!!