Doll-like fashion

Nam Gyu Ri pulled doll-like fashion really really well in the drama "49 days". I personally wasn't a fan of dressing up doll-like until I watched this sad touching drama!! *hints to everyone who needs to shed a few tears to watch this!!* On the side note, this drama opened my eyes and heart to really treat everyone from good to better and from better to even more better doesn't matter near or far! So that they would be able to shed a genuine sad tears for me when I'm gone =P

Anyways, back to her dresses! From the nice pale pastel colour (peach) to the flowy cape and the ribbon belt! This dress is just such an awesome design! Especially if you're like me, not happy with sleeveless dresses and all~
 The other white dress she wore was also angelic! She cut her hair too [Note: She's on the left-hand side] [Yes, I agree... her face eerily portrays a doll too! >3<]
 This is outside the scope of the drama, but I think I love this dress! Butterfly sleeves and floral patterns with colours that suit this spring season makes my heart go "AHhhhhhh!~"

Well, take care guys~ That's all from me! Hope your week ahead is filled with joy and happiness unlike mine which compromises of an 8.30am mid-sem test on psychiatry disorders and a health promotion assignment due on Friday *cries*



TOO CUTE! I totally won't mind owning this eared hoodie!!!! Looks awfully comfy and brownie points for the teddy bear ears. :) Grab it at clothesbucket now!

RM 50


/BYLM aka by The Littlemei updated with yummy rings at a super low price of RM9 each. Cute ey? I would love to own a collection of these. I think they've only got 1 of each design, so better hurry up.

miss butterscotch

miss butterscotch is a fairly new blogshop but it looks promising and they are certainly items that caught my eye! Upcoming pictures, a selection of things that I wana get my hands on. After picking out a few, I realized that they're either in shades of light pink or baby blue! Guess today I'm in love with soft colours :)

RM 40
A pink pair of chiffon shorts, complete with the must-have ribbon tie. This can be easily paired with a plain tank top, or a cute t-shirt like pictured (Too cute a top; wonder if it's for sale? *winks*). Available in mocha and lime green too.

RM 55
I'd have to admit, I was not very into maxis because I always thought that I'd look weird in one. But boy was I wrong, because they are the awesomest thing after cheese cake! Not to mention how convenient they are when you've got an unsightly bruise on your knee due to unforeseen clumsy incidents. Ok, back to this maxi skirt, I LOVE how the skirt get the gist. Love the simple but remarkable combination of the maxi skirt and spaghetti strap top.

RM 49
I can't get enough of bodycon. Here's the all-time famous panelled bodycon in orange. If you've got the body, what better way to flaunt it than with this bodycon here?

RM 39
Paper bag skirt in baby blue. Baby blue + White = Absolute sweetness. This casual skirt is good for the lunch date with the boyfriend or the girlfriends.

Want more? Head on to miss butterscotch now and have a look at their collection for yourselves :)