Little Madeleines

Today's feature: Little Madeleines

They offer handmade accessories and from what I see, their items are generally vintage and somewhat sophisticated -themed.

I have a soft spot for the Eiffel Tower on accessories; it's just so romantic. The oozing romance is certainly attenuated with the vintage locket adorned with a pink rose.

Quite different from the previous bracelet, here's something fun. I'm sure you guys have noticed the rage for those donuts and buns -shaped keychains nowadays. Heck, I've even bought myself cake earrings. I gotta thank whoever started the craze because they're the cutest thing ever (maybe after ribbons heh)!

You don't have to wait till valentine's to get this for your girlfriend! Best part of it all: You can open it up and put whatever you want in it. 


Black and White

Concidentally all the items I picked out from Eighthee 7even seems to be in black and white. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous and simple maxis and babydoll dresses. As they all say, simplicity is best!

Shopping unites us :)

This is gonna be a real picture loaded post as there are so many adorable items up for grabs at Shopaholics Unite!! My favourites are....

Aren't they all to die for? Love how the items are accessorized. If I'm not mistaken, most of the pieces are specially manufactured for ShopaholicsU. And their pieces really sells out fast, so hurry up if something catches your eye.

Too cute

These are just too adorable not to share:

I'm a sucker for all things cute and these charms handmade from clay have me squealing in delight. You probably wouldn't want these cute things just for keepsake because chances are you'll lose them within a week or two (or maybe days!). Here's what you can do with them:

Different hair pins to choose from. How about a ring?

From what I see, Pinky craft does personalizations too which make great gifts!

Gotta love the details.



Updates from the.october never fail to impress me. Some lovelies they've brought in this time:

Love this pair of acid wash shorts! Cute and funky at the same time.
I can't decide which is better though; pink for the extreme girlish look, or casual blue?

This is something rather..interesting. Can't seem to have any word to describe this dress. It's black, it's simple..but the sleeves definitely makes it no less than a common dress. I reckon it goes really great with the brown skinny belt. Something conservative but stylish for work.

And last but not least, my ultimate, favouritest, must-have: Jeggings. I'm sorry for sounding like an old record, but jeggings are the world's most comfy pants so get a pair if you haven't yet. These jeggings are like an upgrade from the usual; the duo zippers on the knees are pretty neat, huh?



I love dresses from lovebonito (formerly bonitochico) but since it involves singapore dollars (hate you, exchange rate), international payment/postage etc, I can only "window shop". Nevertheless, I cannot NOT share this dress with you guys because it is like the most gorgeous dress ever. period.

It goes for a price of S$49 which is probably around RM120. And that's excluding postage and all. Pretty pricey for a student, but I reckon the quality matches up with the price!

Oh btw, it's sold out already. But they'll probably have backorder for this piece so yeah, best of luck to those who can afford it.

-end of spazz-

Le Mode Maison

Some yummy stuff from Le Mode Maison

Panel bodycon! It's all the rage right now; been seeing it around in the blog-shoposphere but I have yet to own one. The ultimate question: How would I look in one? haha.



Also, I'm in love with cropped blazers lately. I think it completes the 'fashionista-corporate' look; a word I came up with while typing this up. I especially like those that look pretty formal but if i wear them to uni, I'll probably end up with people asking me if I have a presentation (lol). So here's something less formal, but not really casual at the same time :)

Since playground boutique updated with these lovely dresses 2 days ago, I've been going back to their blogshop a couple of times...simply deciding if I should get these.


I simple love this dress; a perfect blend of the floral and plain grey, separated by a sweetheart cut. Pleated below the waist line. Capped sleeves. Combinations that make this perfect little dress. I simply adore this piece.


Take a look at the sweet ruffles and the white. Something about this combination makes the piece so innocent, and um...girlish. haha. I love it!

The problem is, I have done quite a lot of shopping last month and yes, I know it is the start of a new month and all, but I still can't help feeling guilty. What should I do?


Dinner dress

October seems to be the month for weddings this year. Us egs girls have been invited to a few friends and family weddings this October and being the shopaholics we are, we see this as a GREAT opportunity to shop for dresses!

So, i guess it's no surprise that we are on the lookout for great dinner dresses.

I've spotted a few over at the Closette
Gorgeous maxi! v, i immediately thought of you when i saw this dress. looks similar to the dress that M bought that you love so much, except that it's long of course. 
Another pretty dress!

Will post more when i see something that catches my eye!

Anything catch your eye?

Spotted at:

Sweetheart neckline with awesome button details at the back. Goes amazingly with the woven belt. Last minute raya dress anyone?

Love this whimsical blouse, with subtle frills at the sleeves and at the back (not shown in picture). The waist-tie is also an added plus to give you the best fit.

Slightly nautical inspired, but the best part of this dress is how it drapes~!! *Drools* Of course, not forgetting the sweetheart neckline.

Awesome cropped blazer! Especially in love with the cream one, it looks so rich in colour and the material looks thick as well. 

Midnight post

It's nearly midnight now *yawns*. Before I head to bed, here are some finds to share with you :)

Denim dress with buttons all the way. Simplicity at its best. And the brown cincher is included with the purchase!

 Gotta love this piece! I really like the combination of the mesh and the sweetheart curve. Oh so pretty!

This cropped blazer is absolute love! This piece looks more on the formal side which is probably due to its satin-like appearance and neat pockets (Not really too sure if it's made of satin though). I'm really tempted to get this.

This top is the same one as the blazer photo above and I must say it looks really good with or without the blazer.


A quckie

Monday is here again, so back to assignments it is. So here's a quick post to share some interesting finds.

My walking wardrobe updated with their collection of gorgeous vintage necklaces.





Paperbag long pants from blu & blak of which I'm quite tempted to get.


Last but not least, two items from doublewoot I am dying to own but are sold out. I'm determined to share them anyway. Rant: I saw the items at around noon but couldn't decide which one to get. After taking a nap etc, all the while contemplating whether to get either one or both or non at all, I finally decided at night, to get both! When I finally sent in my order, there were already out of stock. Gah!