Updates from the.october never fail to impress me. Some lovelies they've brought in this time:

Love this pair of acid wash shorts! Cute and funky at the same time.
I can't decide which is better though; pink for the extreme girlish look, or casual blue?

This is something rather..interesting. Can't seem to have any word to describe this dress. It's black, it's simple..but the sleeves definitely makes it no less than a common dress. I reckon it goes really great with the brown skinny belt. Something conservative but stylish for work.

And last but not least, my ultimate, favouritest, must-have: Jeggings. I'm sorry for sounding like an old record, but jeggings are the world's most comfy pants so get a pair if you haven't yet. These jeggings are like an upgrade from the usual; the duo zippers on the knees are pretty neat, huh?


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