For any of our readers in Australia, I have great news for all of you!

There's a new shop on the block and i must say, their collection is pretty impressive. Let me introduce you all to the 7 senses. The team at the 7 senses aims to bring good quality asian fashion to the land down under.

Here's some of my favs:

How bout a baby pink blazer to brighten up your work wear?

Or a LBD for a night out?

or a pair of paper bag shorts for those lazy weekends?

Anyway, the7senses are currently running a giveaway. All you have to do is like their facebook page and be in the chance to win vouchers!

Do check out their site!

Kee's creampuff

I'm a big big fan of desserts and basically anything sweet! And one of my fav pastries are cream puffs!

So imagine how excited I was when we were approached by kee's cream puffs.

Kee's cream puffs as the name indicates specializes in cream puffs. Currently they only have a Facebook page but they do deliveries!!

So the other day, the lovely ppl from kee's cream puffs were kind enough to send me a box of cream puffs.

How can anyone resists these???

Well, i certainly didn't bother resisting them at all and devoured a few of them in a single sitting!! The creampuffs were absolutely yummy! The best part is they were bite size so you can pretty much just pop them in your mouth! hehe...

I now find myself craving for more!!

So if you happen to fancy some creampuffs, do remember to check out Kee's cream puffs!

Ambers Boutique

Ambers Boutique offers a wide selection of fashion items, ranging from bags and shoes to clothings and accessories. Their large collection gave me quite a difficult time to choose what to review!

Bags to suit every occasion. From casual slings to more formal hugs. They have each of these bags in many different colours, so rest assured that you'll be able to pick your favourite colours. :) Prices range from RM35 to RM47. What a steal!

This off-shoulder dress is absolutely kawaii! Soft florals and frills; what is there not to like about this one here? I just can't seem to get enough of cute dresses. haha! Get if for RM36.

Absolutely ADORE that pink off-shoulder dress! (I've just realized that I picked two pieces of off-shoulders for this review, ah well they ARE gorgeous.) Love the figure hugging top and layered, flared skirt. Available in red (equally gorgeous) and black (for those who prefer the little black dress). Best of all it's for only RM37.

RM39 for the black and white striped maxi. It's a must-have in your closet! *psst* I've seen a lot of these selling in Japan this summer for prices much higher than what you can get for here.

Gorgeous pair of heels! Love the buckles and the zippered back. Made from PU leather. RM76.

If you fancy shoes that are a little bit different from the norm, why not get this pair of simple heels, only to realize the little "twist" at the back; snake-skin at the back. RM65.

...or go beyond that, and get yourself a pair of zebra print pumps! RM75.

Here's a little extra for you:
For purchases of RM50 and above, you'll receive a free gift; RM100 and above gets you free postage! :) Why wait?