About Us

For those of you who have been following our blog for a while and think that at times we seem to have split personalities, it's not because we have dissociative identity disorder, but we're actually four people. So who's the four people behind
There's m, v, h, and s.

m is the latest member of She's the one who introduced me (being h) to the online shopping world. If i were to describe her in three words, they will be: a shopaholic, a worrier and excitable. I think v would agree with me when i say that m is the ultimate shopaholic. She finds it hard to say no to online purchases and to be honest i think she probably doesn't try too hard. Another thing about m is that she loves to worry. sometimes just watching her fret over her packages getting lost or worrying about exams and assignments will make us worry about small little things as well. M might be a worrier but she gets really excited about certain things as well. we're recently in this playing taboo phase and m playing taboo is the most hilarious thing ever as she gets soo excited. in terms of fashion sense, m and i have similar tastes. we love clothes that are very muted in colours which is why our closets are filled with black, white, brown and gray clothes. And also, there are many times where we'll like the same items in online blogshops and sometimes we end up buying the same items but in different colours.

H is the youngest amongst the four of us!  She’s not the typical youngest member though… H is pretty organised and able to take lead…making decisions every now and then.  Being mature at most of the time, that meaning she does act immaturely occasionally! I think she’s sometimes silly, making a normal outing with her seem very fun and unforgettable. Besides H is as clumsy as ...a what? Hmm…a clumsy person walking into a huge pillar while talking to a friend (V), but  H is very smart in her studies. Scoring near perfect scores all the time wouldn’t mean she’s stereotyped to being geeky with a pair of glasses and no fashion sense at all?!? Instead, she’s so much more “into” fashion than S (me) that browsing and buying online blogshops are her favourite pastime. However, some of our fashion tastes are pretty different? This is actually good in a way that it gives more variety to our blog! And, hey! We would never fight for the same last outfit!!

V is the oldest of the four, however not by much, this fact is always brought up among our mutual friends in uni. What can I say about her, she's the organized one and sometimes a tad OCD. She always wants things to be perfectly aligned, pens facing the same direction and so on. Nevertheless, it's a trait we have gotten used to and probably cannot live without if she changed :P Safe to say, V is a shopaholic but luckily her OCD doesn't reach to the extent she must buy everything. Contrary, I think she has the most self control among the four of us and even keeps proper tabs of her shopping! When I say proper, its soft copy documentation of pictures of things she has bought and categorized according to month of purchase (unlike me, M who'd rather be in denial about how much I spent). She is also loud in personality, cheerful and gets very very excited at the mention of Korean superstars, especially the guys! One more thing about V is that she is sometimes blur, in the sense that after we have told a joke, she'll usually be the one who goes 'Huh??', but when it comes to studies, she's far from blur! And that's the V we all know and love!!

S as reported by V *grins*. I've known S for over 10 years and I have and will always think that mental-age wise, she is the youngest. :D She has this magnae-overload characteristic (magnae=youngest in korean) and I think she basically acts like an anime character; most of us probably caught a little bit of "kawaii-fever" from her. One thing I admire about her is that she draws really well! I used to make her draw anime for me in high school. Which reminds me of one thing that I cannot resist to share; I used to label S and H as the "evil twins" back in primary school, because they liked to combo tease people and annoyed the crap out of me then. LOL. Their favourite phase that I cannot forget till today? --> "It's a secret!!", simulataneously, in the most annoying tone one could conjuer. Ok enough reminising about the past. S is the sole egs girl preparing to be a full-fledged pharmacist while the 3 of us submit to designing distillation columns (Just in case we're the only ones nerdy enough to understand - we're chemical engineering students). So at times when you read about enzymes and meds or the likes (of which I know nothing of), you would definitely know that it was S. 

And how did all this start? Well let's just say when you have a group of friends all with very short attention span, one thing can lead to another and here we are. Read more about how we came to be here.