the girls

When four old friends get together to bake, there's bound to be lots of gossiping and talking. Well, if the four old friends happen to be avid online shoppers (who can blame us right???), the topic of online shopping is bound to come up (ok. who are we kidding. our main topic of conversation IS ONLINE SHOPPING). So, it suddenly dawned on the four old friends that they spend a tad too much time stalking blog shops and it would be a complete waste of their time if they don't share their findings. Then they thought to themselves, "why shouldn't we start our own online shopping review blog??" At first they were all hesitant. But before they knew it, they came up with a name for their review blog and they got excited. So, *poof*, eat-gossip-shop was born.

Ok. I'm done talking in the third person voice. So, Hi, We're the "four old friends" and we're really excited about starting this project. We really LOVE online shopping and just want to share our love for it with the rest of you.

Through this blog, we hope to share our little findings and our opinions on what we see. We'll mostly be discussing and reviewing online blog-shops but at time we might randomly share recipes, hence the eat component.

For the next week, we'll be giving our thoughts and opinion and reviewing the trends that we've been seeing in the online shopping world like lace dresses, floral dresses, power shoulders, cut out back dresses and many more.

Do look forward to it.

the girls

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