With CNY just around the corner, I'm searching frantically for dresses. What can I say? I'm obsessed with dresses. And I'm lucky dress-everything, just as its name says, offers such a wide choice of dresses:

They offer lots of accessories too; belts, earrings, name it!

And here comes the good part: Readers of get 10% discount off any purchase! Just mention "I love to" and you'll be eligible =)

So hurry over to dress-everything to dress-everything now before someone else grabs your favourite piece! girl,

Take a BOW

Nothing like a bow to add "cuteness" into your look. I have loved ribbons and bows since... for-EVER! This 35-year old icon has rocked this look since she was born! =)

Here are some pieces which are really worth checking out or even adding into your wardrobe collection.

For those who are afraid of being overly "cutetified", here's a great piece to wear under a dress or a long tee as it has a subtle hint of "cuteness"!

Go grab it now from The Black Apple for RM 36.

Another sweet apparel from Oh, popsicles!
Depending on which accessories you wear it with or which outer garments you match it with... it'll bound to make heads turn! =)

Pastel Fun sells for RM 45.

Sometimes, just wearing a pair of great earrings can do a HUGE difference to your outfit!

This uber cute pair just screams classy yet sweet!

Be quick to purchase this pair from iceblingbling for RM 30.

(The original price was RM 55!?! Could you believe that? This is definitely a steal!~)

With all your long tops or dresses and leggings lying around... what better accessory to compliment your look other than a Dark Brown Velvet Studded Clincher!?!

Little Angel Shoppe is selling this item for an awesome price of RM 25.

Thinking of a casual bag with a bit of 'edge'?!? I'd totally carry this everywhere I go, being able to carry my necessities and umbrella =) It's so sweet and nice, isn't it?

Xiawa Dressroom 's Bo25 is going for RM 48.
Plus, it comes in four colors too~!
Interested anyone? Clickety-click here then. =P

Crafted By Mei is offering this masterpiece for RM 25 only! Don't you just love the ribbon there?

It's been reserved already =( But fear not my friends, Mei can remake upon request and also you can even request for personalization!

If you're really into this bow/ribbon style? Why not go a mile further and trying this hairstyle?!?!

Those of you who did (esp. since CNY is edging closer? ) send us a picture of you with this cute hairstyle! *anticipates* Hehehehe

*psst pssttt* Don't you think this hairstyle is going to be IN like I do??? Hehehe... girl,

I'm bringin' sexy back...literally

Another one of those fashion trends that is still hot..
Cut-out backs for those who have the body and are not afraid to flaunt it!

This piece is amazing! A little pricey though at RM69, but if you're willing to pay a little bit more for the quality and the pure awesomeness, head over to my vintage garden now!

A sweet floral top with sexy zig-zags at the back. Definitely a unique piece! Check it out at m0icLos3tte! (RM47)

The classic cut out dress for all ocassions. RM45 at Oh, popsicles!


Did i stumble upon a time machine?

because it looks like the 80's are back. Way back when our parents were young and cool, the hottest thing around was shoulder pads. Clothes back then were so heavily padded that everyone looked like an Olympic swimmer.

I'm sure most of us here has had an experience where they went through their parents' old photos or even went through their old clothes and laughed at their horrible fashion. And our parent's would either cringe in agreement or tell us, "Laugh now, but eventually this will be back in fashion and see who's laughing then!"

Well, guessed what, our parents are right. What was popular then is now making a comeback. I guess they're the ones with the last laugh.

Shoulder pads, or what we currently refer to as Power Shoulders are making a comeback. It is among one of the hottest trend in the fashion world and is a prominent feature in the collection of top designers.

And, it's all the rage here in Asia as well. All the top stars in Asia can be seen parading around in Power Shoulders. Here, popular Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye (the girl in Goong, Coffee Prince and most recently My Fair Lady) rocks the power shoulder look. She's looking all powerful and fierce in a heavily padded blazer. (Yes, I'm guilty of being a Yoon Eun Hye fangirl)

But then again, everything looks good on models and actresses. After all you can throw them a sack and they can probably make it work. But how about us mere mortals? Can we pull off the power shoulder look without looking like we raided our mum's closet (or worse, our grandma's)?

I think it really depends. If you're confident wearing it and can strut down the hallway like you own it, then yes, I'll say. But if you're only wearing it because it's the trend and everyone else is wearing it, then I'll probably say, "Leave it for the runway".

For me, I'm honestly not too fond of power shoulders but that is a personal opinion and I just think that it would not suit me. But, I can appreciate it on other people.

And the great thing is, a lot of power shoulder clothes out there are very toned down, I guess most likely to cater to people like me.

Take this simple dress for example. The emphasis on the shoulders makes this simple dress into something more special. Lady Gaga Available from Buttons and Biscotti. RM 55.

Something a little more boxy. You'll definitely stand out in the crowd in this number. Shoulder Language Rm 43 from Basic House. They stock a number of power shoulder numbers, some less dramatic than the one pictured above. Worth checking out if you're into power shoulders.

So, do you think you can rock power shouldered tops/dresses or would you rather just leave it to the models/actresses? girl,

Leggings anyone?

Did you notice that leggings are like a separate section on online boutiques nowadays?

Pt#1 Always wear leggings or tights as they are. Do NOT wear them like pants! (Although they can be as thick and as comfy as they look)

Pt#2 Plus-sized people can rock leggings too! Just try to avoid certain patterns or materials like huge horizontal stripes and shiny/metallic/ liquid leggings. =) Always choose darker colors too.

Well, we all know that fashion comes and goes...and some would linger around for quite some time...But, there are so many types of styles we could choose from (well more for the girls and less for the boys). However, I do have a firm belief in ONLY buying clothes that can flatter your body and making you look beautiful!! Fret not as with the choices available to us today...just admit it, we're spoiled with the huge amount of choices out there =)

With leopard prints being commonly seen around, zebra stripes
are bringing in a refreshing wild look!

These zebra long leggings would look great under a black dress for dinner or a night out with your friends! Also, it's able to give you a chic look under a long top like shown in the picture =P

Comes in 3 different colours too! Get it for RM 38 from Irenelim fashion!

Are these jeans? Nope, they're "jeggings"! Yes, I heard some of
you had just moaned "NOoooo, not this please!"

Hahaha but hear me out, my personal opinion is in only getting a 3/4 denim leggings to match with long tops (remember point #1!!)

If you would like a longer one... go buy a pair of skinny jeans...
Well, cause the choices are so much better compared to the long jeggings. ^^

Ultimate-dazzle offers an unique design for only RM 15.

I totally love this look! With a different top,
one can pull off many styles, be it casual look to uni, or "beach-y" look with a halter top. Versatility! Me likey =)

I'm not too sure what to call these... but I like the idea of putting a skirt on top of leggings! Now, you don't need to look for tops that could cover your crotch anymore =P

Do Not Bleach sells this innovative piece for just RM 35.

MCA: Tights <-- closing soon! sells great quality leggings for an affordable price. Really sad that it's closing =(

Too Many Tights! (Black Milk) <--- If you have a lot of money to burn and looking for super-unique styles of tights. All the way from Aussie, bringing you both style and comfort.

*psst* even men has their own leggings which may soon hit M'sia's shelves =P "meggings" is what they're called on the net. I personally don't think it's gay or not good at all? I mean it's as comfy as pants but NOT to be worn as pants, so as long as he's wearing it correctly & comfortably, why not? girl,

Floral Dresses

Like lace dresses, floral dresses have been around for a while. well at least long enough for me to accumulate close to 10 floral dresses, all in different styles and patterns. To be honest, when you think floral, you think spring and summer. But for us, living in Malaysia means we get to wear floral dresses year round. I knew there's some good in living in a tropical country despite the sweltering heat.

I think the main appeal of floral dresses is the cuteness. but that does not mean it's only for the girly girls. even if you're epic-ly ungirly and clumsy like me *sobs*, floral dresses can and most probably will be a staple in your closet. It gives off the impression that you're all girly and sweet even if you're not *hehe*. and plus, with the zipper trend, floral dresses are no longer just flowy and girly but can be pretty structured and I guess more edgy too.

Something frilly and flowly for the girly girls. And of course, the kimono style cut makes it very flattering for everyone. From the attires' attic

Miss Hannah RM 39

Another gorgeous flowy floral dress. I really love the pattern and the vibrant colours on this dress. And i think the pattern is something we don't see everyday.
From cocktails and martinis

Spring beauty RM 45

Something less flowy and more structured. I really love this piece and i'm almost tempted not to share it as I really want it for myself. But since I've been spending a tad too much lately I'll probably have to give it a miss *sobs* *thinks to self: hmm. it's chinese new year soon. ohoho.*
From Double-Woot

Dandelion Love RM 48

So, the question remains though, do you think floral will still be in this year? I mean if we're talking about trends we see in 2009, floral is definitely up there but how about for the new year?

I'm really hoping the trend will stay strong but for me regardless of whether it's the "IN" thing, floral will definitely still be prominent. After all, what says nice and sweet better than florals???? girl,


The lace craze has been going around for a while now, but still going strong! I am an avid gossip girl fan, and I'm sure most of you girls out there are. I mean, how can anybody deny the awesome fashion in that series? Too many a time have I spotted Blair in laced goodies (dresses /stockings/headbands) and I adore them to bits and pieces. Come to think about it, that's probably where my lace obsession came about. Lookie here, laced stuff are so versatile.. some give out an elegant vibe, and at other times, a hint of cutesy:

Super adorable laced dress going for RM 42 at

2-in-1: A sexy bodycon+laced piece for a more matured look. RM 45 at Clothesbucket.

They're currently open for back order due to very high demand. A red piece for CNY maybe? *grins*

Laced leggings anyone?? I haven't seen this anywhere else..caught me by surprise! And I thought those laced leggings couldn't get any better..RM 33 at I've got OCD.

Gotta love this piece! A flattering v-cut to show just enough, complete with a laced-back. Only RM40 at
Buttons & Biscotti.

This cute piece really gives out the vibe of an angel, doesn't it? Fits really well with the background too^^ Get it for RM 42 at
I ♥ This !.



the girls

When four old friends get together to bake, there's bound to be lots of gossiping and talking. Well, if the four old friends happen to be avid online shoppers (who can blame us right???), the topic of online shopping is bound to come up (ok. who are we kidding. our main topic of conversation IS ONLINE SHOPPING). So, it suddenly dawned on the four old friends that they spend a tad too much time stalking blog shops and it would be a complete waste of their time if they don't share their findings. Then they thought to themselves, "why shouldn't we start our own online shopping review blog??" At first they were all hesitant. But before they knew it, they came up with a name for their review blog and they got excited. So, *poof*, eat-gossip-shop was born.

Ok. I'm done talking in the third person voice. So, Hi, We're the "four old friends" and we're really excited about starting this project. We really LOVE online shopping and just want to share our love for it with the rest of you.

Through this blog, we hope to share our little findings and our opinions on what we see. We'll mostly be discussing and reviewing online blog-shops but at time we might randomly share recipes, hence the eat component.

For the next week, we'll be giving our thoughts and opinion and reviewing the trends that we've been seeing in the online shopping world like lace dresses, floral dresses, power shoulders, cut out back dresses and many more.

Do look forward to it.

the girls