Floral Dresses

Like lace dresses, floral dresses have been around for a while. well at least long enough for me to accumulate close to 10 floral dresses, all in different styles and patterns. To be honest, when you think floral, you think spring and summer. But for us, living in Malaysia means we get to wear floral dresses year round. I knew there's some good in living in a tropical country despite the sweltering heat.

I think the main appeal of floral dresses is the cuteness. but that does not mean it's only for the girly girls. even if you're epic-ly ungirly and clumsy like me *sobs*, floral dresses can and most probably will be a staple in your closet. It gives off the impression that you're all girly and sweet even if you're not *hehe*. and plus, with the zipper trend, floral dresses are no longer just flowy and girly but can be pretty structured and I guess more edgy too.

Something frilly and flowly for the girly girls. And of course, the kimono style cut makes it very flattering for everyone. From the attires' attic

Miss Hannah RM 39

Another gorgeous flowy floral dress. I really love the pattern and the vibrant colours on this dress. And i think the pattern is something we don't see everyday.
From cocktails and martinis

Spring beauty RM 45

Something less flowy and more structured. I really love this piece and i'm almost tempted not to share it as I really want it for myself. But since I've been spending a tad too much lately I'll probably have to give it a miss *sobs* *thinks to self: hmm. it's chinese new year soon. ohoho.*
From Double-Woot

Dandelion Love RM 48

So, the question remains though, do you think floral will still be in this year? I mean if we're talking about trends we see in 2009, floral is definitely up there but how about for the new year?

I'm really hoping the trend will stay strong but for me regardless of whether it's the "IN" thing, floral will definitely still be prominent. After all, what says nice and sweet better than florals???? girl,

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