Leggings anyone?

Did you notice that leggings are like a separate section on online boutiques nowadays?

Pt#1 Always wear leggings or tights as they are. Do NOT wear them like pants! (Although they can be as thick and as comfy as they look)

Pt#2 Plus-sized people can rock leggings too! Just try to avoid certain patterns or materials like huge horizontal stripes and shiny/metallic/ liquid leggings. =) Always choose darker colors too.

Well, we all know that fashion comes and goes...and some would linger around for quite some time...But, there are so many types of styles we could choose from (well more for the girls and less for the boys). However, I do have a firm belief in ONLY buying clothes that can flatter your body and making you look beautiful!! Fret not as with the choices available to us today...just admit it, we're spoiled with the huge amount of choices out there =)

With leopard prints being commonly seen around, zebra stripes
are bringing in a refreshing wild look!

These zebra long leggings would look great under a black dress for dinner or a night out with your friends! Also, it's able to give you a chic look under a long top like shown in the picture =P

Comes in 3 different colours too! Get it for RM 38 from Irenelim fashion!

Are these jeans? Nope, they're "jeggings"! Yes, I heard some of
you had just moaned "NOoooo, not this please!"

Hahaha but hear me out, my personal opinion is in only getting a 3/4 denim leggings to match with long tops (remember point #1!!)

If you would like a longer one... go buy a pair of skinny jeans...
Well, cause the choices are so much better compared to the long jeggings. ^^

Ultimate-dazzle offers an unique design for only RM 15.

I totally love this look! With a different top,
one can pull off many styles, be it casual look to uni, or "beach-y" look with a halter top. Versatility! Me likey =)

I'm not too sure what to call these... but I like the idea of putting a skirt on top of leggings! Now, you don't need to look for tops that could cover your crotch anymore =P

Do Not Bleach sells this innovative piece for just RM 35.

MCA: Tights <-- closing soon! sells great quality leggings for an affordable price. Really sad that it's closing =(

Too Many Tights! (Black Milk) <--- If you have a lot of money to burn and looking for super-unique styles of tights. All the way from Aussie, bringing you both style and comfort.

*psst* even men has their own leggings which may soon hit M'sia's shelves =P "meggings" is what they're called on the net. I personally don't think it's gay or not good at all? I mean it's as comfy as pants but NOT to be worn as pants, so as long as he's wearing it correctly & comfortably, why not? girl,

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