Did i stumble upon a time machine?

because it looks like the 80's are back. Way back when our parents were young and cool, the hottest thing around was shoulder pads. Clothes back then were so heavily padded that everyone looked like an Olympic swimmer.

I'm sure most of us here has had an experience where they went through their parents' old photos or even went through their old clothes and laughed at their horrible fashion. And our parent's would either cringe in agreement or tell us, "Laugh now, but eventually this will be back in fashion and see who's laughing then!"

Well, guessed what, our parents are right. What was popular then is now making a comeback. I guess they're the ones with the last laugh.

Shoulder pads, or what we currently refer to as Power Shoulders are making a comeback. It is among one of the hottest trend in the fashion world and is a prominent feature in the collection of top designers.

And, it's all the rage here in Asia as well. All the top stars in Asia can be seen parading around in Power Shoulders. Here, popular Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye (the girl in Goong, Coffee Prince and most recently My Fair Lady) rocks the power shoulder look. She's looking all powerful and fierce in a heavily padded blazer. (Yes, I'm guilty of being a Yoon Eun Hye fangirl)

But then again, everything looks good on models and actresses. After all you can throw them a sack and they can probably make it work. But how about us mere mortals? Can we pull off the power shoulder look without looking like we raided our mum's closet (or worse, our grandma's)?

I think it really depends. If you're confident wearing it and can strut down the hallway like you own it, then yes, I'll say. But if you're only wearing it because it's the trend and everyone else is wearing it, then I'll probably say, "Leave it for the runway".

For me, I'm honestly not too fond of power shoulders but that is a personal opinion and I just think that it would not suit me. But, I can appreciate it on other people.

And the great thing is, a lot of power shoulder clothes out there are very toned down, I guess most likely to cater to people like me.

Take this simple dress for example. The emphasis on the shoulders makes this simple dress into something more special. Lady Gaga Available from Buttons and Biscotti. RM 55.

Something a little more boxy. You'll definitely stand out in the crowd in this number. Shoulder Language Rm 43 from Basic House. They stock a number of power shoulder numbers, some less dramatic than the one pictured above. Worth checking out if you're into power shoulders.

So, do you think you can rock power shouldered tops/dresses or would you rather just leave it to the models/actresses? girl,

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. How you connected the two generations and the fashion is interesting and worth reading. Yes fashion is dynamic and always repeating itself, just like history.