Christmas is just a little over a month away. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word 'Christmas'? I believe for most people, it would be this:

(with loads of presents underneath heh)

...but let us not forget that Christmas is time to be giving. As much as we love receiving presents, don't forget the joy of giving to the less fortunate.

With that, Fashion Expressions brings us a christmas charity bazaar from the 17th to 19th of december at subang parade shopping complex. All profits will proceed to orphanages, rumah harapan and old folks' home. They've got a few blogshops to help them out, including our favourite old time favourite peep boutique.

Click the banner for more information about the bazaar and remember the spirit of giving..or the ghost of the past, present and future may pay you a visit. =/


Hear Ye Hear Ye! Sales are here: Time to buy and still save (sort of)

Promotional items which covers a myriad of attires! From dresses to bottoms. So, why hesitate to check these amazing bargains out? Don't be shy, no one is going to judge/say anything about you =)
I'd say these are really a steal!

While we're on it, Cute Granny has also brought in newer stocks for the lovely season of Autumn. Boy, do they know how to NOT disappoint you~
On the left: 
Who says vintage is just about casual and chic ei? Sexy vintage does exist with this lovely rose printed corset! But, as the owner of the site warns: "Strictly for the petite-sized".
On the right
If you take a look and say that this blazer is for you, well then, it IS for you!!! Checkered will definitely always be 'in'! I support this statement 100%. Heck, my dad's been sporting checkered  tops since he was young! Leaving his cousin who hasn't seen him in decades go, " So many years has passed... and still same top"

If you lol-ed, click the like button below! ... just for fun =)

Random shoutOUT!

For those who have no idea who he is, if interested, do a google search on him!

For those who knows him, yet he doesn't know you (like me) hahahaha.... *wind blows* I mean I had random strong impulses to buy clothes but this is like the first time in my life that I've bought thinking crazily about him. (yesh, people here's the newsflash: I'm a nutter and have been a nutcase for him for about 5 years) He's sweet, caring, loving and his smile just tends to make summer extra hot! And do note all of the above, there's proof of those via his actions (not just words) on and off TV airings. Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed when he said he likes older women and has dated one recently. *sighs and plays Baek Ji Young- Like Being Hit By A Bullet* *then puts this song on repeat*

ANYWAYS, just wanted to show you the cropped tee which I wouldn't have gotten if it weren't for those lovely lovely words. Oh yeah, sometimes I do like to go offline shopping, more like window shopping as the intent... initially.... buuuut, it's just a great way to check which styles fit you or don't. Comparing prices too! However, I still think online shopping in general is cheaper and so much more convenient.
U KNOW U ♥ ME = (through my eyes) U-KNOW, U ♥ ME or just screw the U and U-KNOW ♥ ME

 [awkward silence]
Okay.... maybe it's just the stress from tests ey? I'm might need to start haloperidol if I keep hallucinating like this HAHAHAHAHA

And to end this gossipy post, I'm SO looking forward to Poseidon drama which Yunho is in!! Go go go~ Salvation would only come with sacrifice! <-- which is so so true!

Some of the requirements for Poseidon application for males:
  • Had to be at least 175cm tall or more
  • Had to be strong swimmer but also be able to participate in training for scuba diving & basic Coast Guard training. 
  • Be able to train intensely for diving and police training. 
  • Since a requirement when sending in personal profile with the application is to attach an upper body pic, the men must have strong, attractive upper body
Yunho passed all these requirements! duh~ And the rest of the male cast would be eye-candy too~ I can't wait I can't wait till 2011!

Chinese New Year mood, anyone?

Some may call it "cropped back lace cheongsam" and others may call it "Miss Oriental Chinese". And China chinese won't even recognise the word "cheongsam" at all! But, understand what "chi pau" is. =)

 The Summer's Attic with 3 shades (red, gold and black): RM 58
The Attires' Attic in gold and red only for RM 57.

Not much difference I would like to think. And the only compliment I can give is nice legs, nice skin, nice body, and nice camera! ( and I'm a girl!!)

If you're Chinese and you got the body, why not?
If you're Asian and you got the body too, why not??!?
If you're not Asian and you still got the body too, why not why not why not!?!?!
But, if you're Chinese/Asian for that matters, and have conservative parents/grandparents/relatives, I highly suggest you don't wear this on the first day of CNY, and wear it on other occasions like parties or dinners.

Anyways, moving on... Curves are essential in these tight-fitting cheongsams. Anyone can agree to that, right? Well, as I was thinking about curves, I stumbled upon Younique Trio with this odd I.R- looking undies. Mind you, THIS is the first time I've ever seen one of these!! Gosh, you do learn new things everyday! It took me a while to really grasp the fact that it's underwear (I thought it was some odd-looking bra). Then I googled. xD

The things that I've missed... there's even silicone ones like those nu-bra's but for butt padding! just slap on and BAAM! the bubble bottoms you've always wanted! Now, I'm starting to think maybe those actresses or models could have used some of these to enhance their assets huh? Hmmmm.... food for thought.

And further 'researching' via google image search... MEN briefs too! front and back, mind you! Now, to we girls need to doubt the roundness of guy's butt or their other side too... >.<

Disclaimer note: (In case of parents or adults that might bash me for this post which now when I scrolled up seems a bit misunderstand-able with just the pictures) The picture above is just to illustrate my point across and definitely not for any other reasons which you may or may not thought of. The author of this post has tried to make it under a hidden link like the ones available in forums but has failed due to poor and lack of knowledge with technology and its advances.

And for those of you who read till this point, Hurray!~ I hope I didn't bore you with my long-windedness. Have a nice & blessed day, today! =)

Interesting find today

Was browsing around and I came across this bag which made me go " I should blog about this!" =)

Blackmilkproject brings to you the Squared sling

This bag would just make your outfit as a whole seem chic with a tinge of a vintage feel.
This small bag would be big enough for your basic bag contents! (purse, phone, wallet, lipstick, keys, keys and more keys and some tissue) Other reasons to get this bag, besides being sick of rectangular bags, it comes with a top zipper to protect your belongings from hazards like theft and rain. The outer buckles which closes thanks to magnetic power makes this bag pretty convenient to use.
{For those striving to be a doctor or striving for a doctor boyfriend like me should totally get the one in black! Mini-doctor bag Bahahahhahahhha}

Glam Shop

Assignments overload, sleep-deprived, and there's nothing like browsing blogshops old and new!

There's a fairly new blogshop in town, GLAM SHOP. I kindda like how they have a tab for "Coming Soon item!" For people like me and H, who probably don't like being kept in suspense and love spoilers to surprises .. odd I know, but I'll get to know what the next batch of items their selling beforehand just makes me somewhat happy.

This blogshop sells a variety of items from accessories, dresses, tops and bottoms. So, don't let me down, I look forward for great updates from you in near future! Hahahahaha

 "Shorts is a staple in every girl's closet" - (S,2010)
 Are you a cap lover? The yellow domo-kun look-a-like catches my attention somehow?
 Earrings and a charm bracelet anyone?
 Comes in other colors too! But, I think I like baby blue the most, especially when paired with a white top.
 Comes in 4 colors: red, brown, blue and black. This city view long top would be a great casual wear.
Ruffled polka-dotted playsuit which comes in black in white and white in black. =P

So, what are you waiting for, head on over to Glam shop for affordable yet gorgeous items!