Interesting find today

Was browsing around and I came across this bag which made me go " I should blog about this!" =)

Blackmilkproject brings to you the Squared sling

This bag would just make your outfit as a whole seem chic with a tinge of a vintage feel.
This small bag would be big enough for your basic bag contents! (purse, phone, wallet, lipstick, keys, keys and more keys and some tissue) Other reasons to get this bag, besides being sick of rectangular bags, it comes with a top zipper to protect your belongings from hazards like theft and rain. The outer buckles which closes thanks to magnetic power makes this bag pretty convenient to use.
{For those striving to be a doctor or striving for a doctor boyfriend like me should totally get the one in black! Mini-doctor bag Bahahahhahahhha}


  1. Wheeeeeee!!!! Thanks a million for featuring us! Mini-doctor bag hahahahah super cool! ^_^

  2. u're so welcome *blushes*
    as for a lol moment of the day: I posted this and go ah~ i posted something... then checks inbox O.o more bags Daaang it! xD But, keep bringing good stuffs!

    Love, S