Chinese New Year mood, anyone?

Some may call it "cropped back lace cheongsam" and others may call it "Miss Oriental Chinese". And China chinese won't even recognise the word "cheongsam" at all! But, understand what "chi pau" is. =)

 The Summer's Attic with 3 shades (red, gold and black): RM 58
The Attires' Attic in gold and red only for RM 57.

Not much difference I would like to think. And the only compliment I can give is nice legs, nice skin, nice body, and nice camera! ( and I'm a girl!!)

If you're Chinese and you got the body, why not?
If you're Asian and you got the body too, why not??!?
If you're not Asian and you still got the body too, why not why not why not!?!?!
But, if you're Chinese/Asian for that matters, and have conservative parents/grandparents/relatives, I highly suggest you don't wear this on the first day of CNY, and wear it on other occasions like parties or dinners.

Anyways, moving on... Curves are essential in these tight-fitting cheongsams. Anyone can agree to that, right? Well, as I was thinking about curves, I stumbled upon Younique Trio with this odd I.R- looking undies. Mind you, THIS is the first time I've ever seen one of these!! Gosh, you do learn new things everyday! It took me a while to really grasp the fact that it's underwear (I thought it was some odd-looking bra). Then I googled. xD

The things that I've missed... there's even silicone ones like those nu-bra's but for butt padding! just slap on and BAAM! the bubble bottoms you've always wanted! Now, I'm starting to think maybe those actresses or models could have used some of these to enhance their assets huh? Hmmmm.... food for thought.

And further 'researching' via google image search... MEN briefs too! front and back, mind you! Now, to we girls need to doubt the roundness of guy's butt or their other side too... >.<

Disclaimer note: (In case of parents or adults that might bash me for this post which now when I scrolled up seems a bit misunderstand-able with just the pictures) The picture above is just to illustrate my point across and definitely not for any other reasons which you may or may not thought of. The author of this post has tried to make it under a hidden link like the ones available in forums but has failed due to poor and lack of knowledge with technology and its advances.

And for those of you who read till this point, Hurray!~ I hope I didn't bore you with my long-windedness. Have a nice & blessed day, today! =)

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