Steadily declining rate of updates [SORRY!]

Hey there all,

I'm sure regular readers have noticed that there is a significant decrease in the rate of updates from us egs girls lately. Unfortunately there is a trend between workload and rate of updates where rate of updates is inversely proportional to our workload. And since our workload is increasing exponentially, it is expected that rate of updates will also decrease dramatically.

Our insane workload has definitely gotten the better of us. I mean even when i'm writing this up all i can think about is trends and sensitivity analysis, hence the weird way of writing! As much as we prefer to browse through pretty outfits online, for the next couple of weeks we will be instead staring at our textbooks and the computer screen trying to optimize a flowsheet that just can't be optimized!

So, we are indeed very sorry for the lack of updates and we will probably be tied up with our studies for another three weeks. *cries*

But hey, after that we will be back more active than EVER!!! That's if our school work doesn't drive us crazy before then. hehe!

the ultimate geek, h

Voucher Giveaway

Who doesn't love freebies? I know I sure do.
To all online shoppers out there, here's your chance to grab a RM30 voucher from emceecouture! And no fret, the steps are so simple. Here's what you have to do:

1. Be a follower of emceecouture (with follower ID and email address)
2. Join emceecouture's facebook group AND post your contact details & your desire to join the contest on the wall. And just to clarify, Mei Chi from emceecouture says that just a simple "Count me in" will do! No need to crack your head for your reasons for joining! How simple is that?!

So girls, what are you waiting for?? If luck is on your side, this can be yours for only RM20!! What a steal!


Tic Toc Tic Toc...

....says the clock.
Am feeling like the white rabbit, but instead of the classic "I'm late I'm late I'm late!" I'm going "No time No time No time!"
Totally irrelevant to what I'm gona be posting though.

And on another yet irrelevant note, if you've read yesterday's post, I was hoping for my package to arrive today, and it did! And it fit me perfectly well too!! So HAPPY! Makes me all pumped up to shop more hehe.

Without further ado, on to shopping updates!

Feeling gypsy anyone? Well, Peep has got them gypsy-themed clothings!

Crumpled gypsy skirt available in 5 different shades!

Bohemian dress which can double as a long skirt!

Next up, Diva's Divine with another round of update, this time with...
Cropped vest in acid wash

Toga top adorned with a cute bow
(Perfect for a candle light dinner doncha think?

Nautical bodycon
(Am loving the golden logo!)

TTFN, v.
[In case any of you are wondering, TTFN = Ta ta for now, quoted from Tigger :D]

The October

I couldn't resist posting these up, so yeah here you go - Pretty dresses from the.october!
I believe no words are necessary to describe them. *drools*

I'm especially in love with this red piece. I want!!!!!!!!

See ya next time, v.

Monday monday

Monday is here, but don't be blue. Because new items are out there, waiting for you! *cough*
Sorry for being lame yet again, but yeah monday blues is here. egs girls are rushing assignments and it's just not very fun. Can't wait for my package to arrive, maybe tomorrow? *hopeful*

Let's see what we've got to start the week.

Bucket bag and giant-sized chanel inspired at Clothes for fun.

Plain top all glammed up, from in[e]ji.

 The owner of Tanks for 5 is selling My lip stuff here. Unique-flavoured lip balms! I personally think that all girls should always carry a lip balm, especially when you're in an air conditioned room all day. Prevents your lips from cracking, which can be really painful!

Adorable tulle skirt from PhatCulture. It comes with the white tank in the picture, but it's not attached.
Match the skirt with different tops, or maybe just a little bit of heavy accessorizing? Time to be creative.

Time to go, v.

Updates for today

Emcee Couture has updated with some gorgeous items, go check it out and see for yourselves, i'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy :) And I'll leave you with a sneak peek of what they have, body cons in one of a kind pastel colour, high waist shorts and more!

Mon, Tues, Wed...Thursday!

Spotted some lovely items which are oh-so-chic and absolute staples this season.

Bandage body con skirt, definitely a must have! Gorgeous blue and pink available for grabs. Tempted if I do say so myself.

Lovely playsuits for you to play in. Its the in thing this season with playsuits, rompers and jumpsuits making a big come back. What's old is once new again. 

Gorgeous flirty summer dress with the absolutely demure puffy skirt! The colour is just amazing as well, this shade of pink makes everyone happy!

A creamy satin long top to wear in down with jeans of slightly more chic with leggings. Or..if you're daring enough, wear it on its own! Lovely with any combination.

Scandalous Secret

More accessories, this time from Scandalous Secret!

Bangles adorned with charms. Aren't they adorable?

For those who prefer them without the charms, here they are.

And if you happen to have lots of accessories and would like to be organized, these are perfect for you. No more reasons for one side of an earring to disappear, only to find it behind the dressing table while spring cleaning!

Want more? Check them out at Scandalous Secret.

White Carriage

My housing area had a 2-hours blackout just now, so yeah I'm using that as an excuse to procrastinate (But having internet means my power is already back on so I don't see how the blackout has anything to do with me not studying. Whatever).

Let's see what White Carriage has to offer:

 Basic tops, which are my staple lazy-days top. On days when I wake up late, or surf around the internet until I realize that I'm super late, these two tops will be the kind of stuff I'll grab without having to think twice. I'm loving the v-neck cut on both pieces.

 Sphagetti straps - another staple in a girl's closet. Best top to combat the all-year-round sun right? And when it gets cold in classes, just throw on a cardigan. Or perhaps a blazer like this one here?

They've got a few more blazers, so check it out for yourselves!
*psst* They're having clearance sales!!

Back to nerding, v.

cute pretty things

Stumbled across Daily Boutique's quirky update. Lots of florals, high waists, name it, they've got it. Here's a peek into what they have. For more goodies, click click on the link *wink*

*psst* looks like a skirt right, look again! its a skort :P 

Some more adorable stuff can be found at PhatCulture . Lovin the dual tone play suit. Simple top with floral bottoms.

Something at Mizu Closet also caught my eye. Its like lace, with mesh overlay and topped off with a babydoll cutting. *drools*

Cat in a Bowl has also come up with new creation this time. Great updates. Always have loved their unique one a kind pieces. Don't forget to bookmark their new address as they have moved. Here are some of the cat's creation that i lurrrve.


Stress relief

What a stressful week! I can't wait for Friday. I should probably buy myself something this weekend as a reward for not going crazy (Although I doubt I'm 100% sane right now). =O

I have my eye on this mini dress from over here, although I'll probably wear it with leggings because I'm much too clumsy to wear a dress this short.

And guess what, more ribboned accessories from La Dolce! Sigh I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. If all goes well this week, I promise I'm gona buy myself this one here.

Or should I get this? Or both? Ah shucks I'm too greedy. But I'm probably better off with a hairband because hair clips never seem to stay put in my hair.

I so happen to stumble across these at wink-peace&pout. Adorable bunny hairbands!!!! I'd love to get myself one...but where shall I wear it to? Now if only there's a bunny-themed party coming up..

Tinsel-town Chic has got lots of printed tees and I found my favourite one! And I love how it matches so well with the puffy skirt. Rebelious high school look ftw!

Tata for now, v.

Playground boutique

Was taking a break from studying, and I stumbled across some cute items at playground boutique. And if I may add, some of the items are pretty unique. I need to go back to what I was doing so I'll keep this short. :D

Sphagetti strap top with cute prints (Heels, handbags etc). Good representation of the shopaholic in you.

I think this stripped dress is totally cute.

Casual tops are like my lazy-days-attire (I'm lazy most of the time, so yeah I'm pretty much a casual top person). I love the print on this one. Plus the lady has its own 'dress' too. Love it. lol.

And another casual top with quirky prints. Me love.

Back to nerding, v.

Quick Update

Lovely pieces all uniquely manufactured for us girls. Body cons, florals and high waists! Perfect for sunday brunch. I am especially lovin the polka dotted high waist skort ;)

cutie fashion wonderland

hi! remember this dress m was raving about:
well i found another shop selling the same dress. And it's the cheapest compared with other shops selling the same item. Only RM 45. a complete steal!! it's sold out but restockable!

The blog shop is pretty new so their items are limited but they also have jeggings!
love love the shades of the jeggings! going for rm 49 which i'll say is pretty reasonable.

There are a couple more items available so do check out the blog at cutie fashion wonderland!