Tic Toc Tic Toc...

....says the clock.
Am feeling like the white rabbit, but instead of the classic "I'm late I'm late I'm late!" I'm going "No time No time No time!"
Totally irrelevant to what I'm gona be posting though.

And on another yet irrelevant note, if you've read yesterday's post, I was hoping for my package to arrive today, and it did! And it fit me perfectly well too!! So HAPPY! Makes me all pumped up to shop more hehe.

Without further ado, on to shopping updates!

Feeling gypsy anyone? Well, Peep has got them gypsy-themed clothings!

Crumpled gypsy skirt available in 5 different shades!

Bohemian dress which can double as a long skirt!

Next up, Diva's Divine with another round of update, this time with...
Cropped vest in acid wash

Toga top adorned with a cute bow
(Perfect for a candle light dinner doncha think?

Nautical bodycon
(Am loving the golden logo!)

TTFN, v.
[In case any of you are wondering, TTFN = Ta ta for now, quoted from Tigger :D]

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