Why are we so obsessed with designer labels?

Hi guys, yes, we’ve been dead for a very long time but I’m bored and when I’m bored I start online shopping. Now that I’ve started working, I’m ashamed to say that my online shopping has transcended beyond hunting for cheap bargains on the net but instead I find myself constantly drawn to Reebonz. I’m always stalking the site for good bargains on the bags of my dream, which changes each week. Today it might be a proenza schouler ps1, tomorrow a prada saffiano tote, the next day a celine luggage bag and the list goes on and on. But yes, I still have some self control and I don’t go around buying bags on a whim no matter how tempting it can be.

And then I start thinking, why do we even indulge in designer bags. Is it even worth it to spend RM2k or more on a bag?? I mean Malaysians aren’t known for very high salary and while I’m happy with the salary I’m getting, I’m definitely not earning enough to be spending thousands on bags!
I’ve been raking my brain over this question because as tempted as I am to indulge in another designer bag (yes, sadly I’ve succumbed to temptations before), if I can’t justify it, then I can’t buy it.
Do we buy designer bags because of their superior quality? I’m loving my mulberry alexa so far and quality wise I can’t complain but then again I’ve been using it for less than six months and I’ve had RM 100 bags that last for years. And if we’re buying solely for quality I’m pretty sure we can find good quality bags for a fraction of designer prices. Take for example my Cole Haan bag which I got for a bargain as I got a friend to help me purchase it from the States (I got it for USD 300 and I saw it on retail here for RM 3k). Technically Cole Haan isn’t considered designer but rather just “branded” I guess. Quality is amazing and I’ve been using the bag for close to 2 years and it still looks good as new. So can I fairly say that my RM 1000 Cole Haan bag is of inferior quality to my Mulberry? I honestly can’t! But yet why is Mulberry more coveted than Cole Haan? Or would you say a RM2k LV bag made from canvas (yes, most affordable LV, Gucci, Prada aren’t even leather!!!!) is better than a RM1k LEATHER bag??? So if I were to justify my purchases for a designer bag for quality, won’t I just be lying to myself?
So the only other reason I can think of is that we buy designer goods just for the status symbol. But while I’m the first to admit that I’m quite a shopaholic and that I’m materialistic, I just can’t seem to admit to myself that I am so insecure that I let myself be defined by the bag I carry or the clothes I wear. But if we think about it, aren’t most people who lug around designer bags only doing so solely as a status symbol? I mean why else would someone carry a monogram bag that is so blatantly advertising the brand they’re carrying?
I realize this post might be insulting to a lot of people and even insulting to myself. But I really do wonder what it is about designer bags that make us so drawn to them. I like to think that I have more substance and that I do not need a designer bag to make me feel like I am “fashionable” or “successful”.  So, I am still raking my brain trying to find a valid reason for why people buy designer bags and until I can do so, I will have to practice a lot of self control and not purchase another designer bag (though there’s a Prada Saffiano Tote that is just calling out to me!). Either that or I guess I will just have to admit to myself that yes, I am buying a bag solely for the status symbol and to show off to others, which for now I’m still refusing to believe!!
 So yes, please enlighten me! If you own designer bags, why do you buy them????