Le Boudoir

A new blogshop offering accessories, Le Boudoir, has just opened its doors for us and it has not failed to impress me. I'm talking about accessories from Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Topshop, and etc. With these brand names involved, I'm sure the quality would be promising. Ok enough with the yakity yak, because pictures say a thousand words (and some may make me drool lol).

RM 16
Gotta love this piece from dorothy perkins (pun intended). I'll say that this necklace will make a really sweet gift, now that valentine's is approaching. *winks*

RM 26
Here's a chunky bracelet from H&M. Love the combination of different sized chains and pearls. And golden reminds me of Chinese New Year because that's the one time of the year where I'll be wearing my gold accessories (I have the tendency to lose things..).

RM 18
....and I reckon this peace ring will match really well with the bracelet. Love the bling-bling detailing and the double rings attached, of which are adjustable to fit all ring sizes :)

RM 36
This lil puppy necklace is just soooooo adorable. Notice how the puppy has got its own bling doggy collar. Love how the two layers of the necklace compliment each other so well. Plus points for the bow and pearl. I want!!!

They've got more earrings, rings, necklaces, name it! But what's really got me interested are these fake nails! To be honest, I've never really taken any interest in fake nails as I'm more into getting a manicure done on my real ones...but after seeing the collection they offer, I am very much tempted to get some to try! And best of all, they are available in different sizes!

I am soooo in love with the pink ones that I can't choose which one to review! I simply do not know how to describe each of these but just head over to the Le Boudoir for the pictures in higher resolution and you will be surprised at how neat the 3D acrylic detailing is done.

Of course, other than the cutesy pink ones, they are designs in darker and more sophisticated shades as well.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Le Boudoir now!

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