Monday monday

Monday is here, but don't be blue. Because new items are out there, waiting for you! *cough*
Sorry for being lame yet again, but yeah monday blues is here. egs girls are rushing assignments and it's just not very fun. Can't wait for my package to arrive, maybe tomorrow? *hopeful*

Let's see what we've got to start the week.

Bucket bag and giant-sized chanel inspired at Clothes for fun.

Plain top all glammed up, from in[e]ji.

 The owner of Tanks for 5 is selling My lip stuff here. Unique-flavoured lip balms! I personally think that all girls should always carry a lip balm, especially when you're in an air conditioned room all day. Prevents your lips from cracking, which can be really painful!

Adorable tulle skirt from PhatCulture. It comes with the white tank in the picture, but it's not attached.
Match the skirt with different tops, or maybe just a little bit of heavy accessorizing? Time to be creative.

Time to go, v.

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