Steadily declining rate of updates [SORRY!]

Hey there all,

I'm sure regular readers have noticed that there is a significant decrease in the rate of updates from us egs girls lately. Unfortunately there is a trend between workload and rate of updates where rate of updates is inversely proportional to our workload. And since our workload is increasing exponentially, it is expected that rate of updates will also decrease dramatically.

Our insane workload has definitely gotten the better of us. I mean even when i'm writing this up all i can think about is trends and sensitivity analysis, hence the weird way of writing! As much as we prefer to browse through pretty outfits online, for the next couple of weeks we will be instead staring at our textbooks and the computer screen trying to optimize a flowsheet that just can't be optimized!

So, we are indeed very sorry for the lack of updates and we will probably be tied up with our studies for another three weeks. *cries*

But hey, after that we will be back more active than EVER!!! That's if our school work doesn't drive us crazy before then. hehe!

the ultimate geek, h

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