There's heaps to review and yet no time to do so! "Grrr" 's the word.

To allow my brain to unwind a bit more before it starts to remember important and vital information about how bacteria talk to their host's cells. Your faithful reviewer, S is here to bring your eyes some candy! (is that funny? =P )

La Dolce has brought more goodies under the theme name: "Golden Goddess"
You name it, they got it in gold: bangles, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hairbands too!

Although this isn't gold but still... anyone you know turning 21 soon? This would make a nice prezzie

Tinsel-town Chic has some chic studs for your liking. And what's more? All of them are priced for less than RM20!
" one can never have enough accessories" -S-

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