Stress relief

What a stressful week! I can't wait for Friday. I should probably buy myself something this weekend as a reward for not going crazy (Although I doubt I'm 100% sane right now). =O

I have my eye on this mini dress from over here, although I'll probably wear it with leggings because I'm much too clumsy to wear a dress this short.

And guess what, more ribboned accessories from La Dolce! Sigh I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. If all goes well this week, I promise I'm gona buy myself this one here.

Or should I get this? Or both? Ah shucks I'm too greedy. But I'm probably better off with a hairband because hair clips never seem to stay put in my hair.

I so happen to stumble across these at wink-peace&pout. Adorable bunny hairbands!!!! I'd love to get myself one...but where shall I wear it to? Now if only there's a bunny-themed party coming up..

Tinsel-town Chic has got lots of printed tees and I found my favourite one! And I love how it matches so well with the puffy skirt. Rebelious high school look ftw!

Tata for now, v.

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