White Carriage

My housing area had a 2-hours blackout just now, so yeah I'm using that as an excuse to procrastinate (But having internet means my power is already back on so I don't see how the blackout has anything to do with me not studying. Whatever).

Let's see what White Carriage has to offer:

 Basic tops, which are my staple lazy-days top. On days when I wake up late, or surf around the internet until I realize that I'm super late, these two tops will be the kind of stuff I'll grab without having to think twice. I'm loving the v-neck cut on both pieces.

 Sphagetti straps - another staple in a girl's closet. Best top to combat the all-year-round sun right? And when it gets cold in classes, just throw on a cardigan. Or perhaps a blazer like this one here?

They've got a few more blazers, so check it out for yourselves!
*psst* They're having clearance sales!!

Back to nerding, v.

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