Glam Shop

Assignments overload, sleep-deprived, and there's nothing like browsing blogshops old and new!

There's a fairly new blogshop in town, GLAM SHOP. I kindda like how they have a tab for "Coming Soon item!" For people like me and H, who probably don't like being kept in suspense and love spoilers to surprises .. odd I know, but I'll get to know what the next batch of items their selling beforehand just makes me somewhat happy.

This blogshop sells a variety of items from accessories, dresses, tops and bottoms. So, don't let me down, I look forward for great updates from you in near future! Hahahahaha

 "Shorts is a staple in every girl's closet" - (S,2010)
 Are you a cap lover? The yellow domo-kun look-a-like catches my attention somehow?
 Earrings and a charm bracelet anyone?
 Comes in other colors too! But, I think I like baby blue the most, especially when paired with a white top.
 Comes in 4 colors: red, brown, blue and black. This city view long top would be a great casual wear.
Ruffled polka-dotted playsuit which comes in black in white and white in black. =P

So, what are you waiting for, head on over to Glam shop for affordable yet gorgeous items!

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