Hear Ye Hear Ye! Sales are here: Time to buy and still save (sort of)

Promotional items which covers a myriad of attires! From dresses to bottoms. So, why hesitate to check these amazing bargains out? Don't be shy, no one is going to judge/say anything about you =)
I'd say these are really a steal!

While we're on it, Cute Granny has also brought in newer stocks for the lovely season of Autumn. Boy, do they know how to NOT disappoint you~
On the left: 
Who says vintage is just about casual and chic ei? Sexy vintage does exist with this lovely rose printed corset! But, as the owner of the site warns: "Strictly for the petite-sized".
On the right
If you take a look and say that this blazer is for you, well then, it IS for you!!! Checkered will definitely always be 'in'! I support this statement 100%. Heck, my dad's been sporting checkered  tops since he was young! Leaving his cousin who hasn't seen him in decades go, " So many years has passed... and still same top"

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