Take a BOW

Nothing like a bow to add "cuteness" into your look. I have loved ribbons and bows since... for-EVER! This 35-year old icon has rocked this look since she was born! =)

Here are some pieces which are really worth checking out or even adding into your wardrobe collection.

For those who are afraid of being overly "cutetified", here's a great piece to wear under a dress or a long tee as it has a subtle hint of "cuteness"!

Go grab it now from The Black Apple for RM 36.

Another sweet apparel from Oh, popsicles!
Depending on which accessories you wear it with or which outer garments you match it with... it'll bound to make heads turn! =)

Pastel Fun sells for RM 45.

Sometimes, just wearing a pair of great earrings can do a HUGE difference to your outfit!

This uber cute pair just screams classy yet sweet!

Be quick to purchase this pair from iceblingbling for RM 30.

(The original price was RM 55!?! Could you believe that? This is definitely a steal!~)

With all your long tops or dresses and leggings lying around... what better accessory to compliment your look other than a Dark Brown Velvet Studded Clincher!?!

Little Angel Shoppe is selling this item for an awesome price of RM 25.

Thinking of a casual bag with a bit of 'edge'?!? I'd totally carry this everywhere I go, being able to carry my necessities and umbrella =) It's so sweet and nice, isn't it?

Xiawa Dressroom 's Bo25 is going for RM 48.
Plus, it comes in four colors too~!
Interested anyone? Clickety-click here then. =P

Crafted By Mei is offering this masterpiece for RM 25 only! Don't you just love the ribbon there?

It's been reserved already =( But fear not my friends, Mei can remake upon request and also you can even request for personalization!

If you're really into this bow/ribbon style? Why not go a mile further and trying this hairstyle?!?!

Those of you who did (esp. since CNY is edging closer? ) send us a picture of you with this cute hairstyle! *anticipates* Hehehehe

*psst pssttt* Don't you think this hairstyle is going to be IN like I do??? Hehehe... girl,

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