Little Madeleines

Today's feature: Little Madeleines

They offer handmade accessories and from what I see, their items are generally vintage and somewhat sophisticated -themed.

I have a soft spot for the Eiffel Tower on accessories; it's just so romantic. The oozing romance is certainly attenuated with the vintage locket adorned with a pink rose.

Quite different from the previous bracelet, here's something fun. I'm sure you guys have noticed the rage for those donuts and buns -shaped keychains nowadays. Heck, I've even bought myself cake earrings. I gotta thank whoever started the craze because they're the cutest thing ever (maybe after ribbons heh)!

You don't have to wait till valentine's to get this for your girlfriend! Best part of it all: You can open it up and put whatever you want in it. 


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