My fav buys

Been spring cleaning for the past week and my hands are hurting a lot! But this way I feel less guilty about shopping hehe. C'mon, I deserve it!

Yesterday this arrived from twin flames closet and I LOVE it to bits and pieces!! The material's stretchy and the side ruches ensure perfect fit!

They're only left with nude and white though, so you could head over to the attires' attic for the red one.

I bought another red dress in the same week from ladiesfash, and I LOVE this one too! The picture doesn't do it justice, really. I reckon it looks much better worn :D

I 'invested' in some work clothes too and I really like this one from doublewoot. Although it's a little bit loose on the waist for me, I don't regret getting this at all. Thick and comfy cotton; perfect for working in air-conditioned offices.

While I'm at it, I just gotta spazz about this mulberry-inspired I got from Angel Glory a while back. I must say that this is one good buy. Normally I'm rather fussy about purchasing bags, because I really like for my bags to be structured, ie. it should maintain its shape when placed on the table and when there are things in it. I must say, 2 thumbs up to this bag :)

What are your favourite buys?


  1. I almost bought (asked you to buy) that red qi pao. Very pretty! But I'm not sure if I'll fit in it. Bum's getting pretty big. And is that new red dress one I can borrow? *wink wink*

    Anyway, great buys!

  2. Yes I love the qi pao! Yes, you'll see tomorrow lol!