Corporate Chic

Hello, ladies! Hope you all had a great week. I’m a guest here at eat-gossip-shop and I was invited by H to do a little section here called Corporate Chic. We'll talk about what we wear to work from Monday to Friday.

I’ll just give a brief description about my job. I work in a male dominated industry and my job requires me to work in the office and also on site. When I am in the office, I have to be rather formal but when I am out in the field, I have to wear something that allows me to move around easily. So, I have to find a balance between formal and ‘move around easily’.

 Top: White spaghetti strap from Kookai Bottom: High waisted skirt from Supre
Blazer: from MNG
Dress by Executive
Bought this when I went back for Chinese New Year and I’m very happy with it. I also bought a few other tops from this brand and I must say it’s worth every cent! I fetch compliments each time I wear dresses/tops by Executive.


It’s always good to have a few business shirts in your wardrobe. I usually go for a more corporate look when I attend conferences.

Top: A gift from a friend from a Malaysian blogshop
Bottom: Black leggings from factorie
Blazer: from MNG

Top: Cotton tee and cardigan from Kmart
Bottom: Shorts from MNG

TGIF! It’s Casual Friday so we’re allowed to dress casually. Those who participate in Casual Friday would have to make donations to designated organisations. This month, all funds goes to Heartkids, a voluntary group who offers support to kids and families of children with heart disease. Perhaps this could be something worth suggesting to the company you’re working for?

Anyway, I’m a bargain hunter. I LOVE cheap stuffs! You can imagine how happy I was when I stumbled across this $2 top from Kmart. Being a size 6 (XS/S) living in Australia, it’s really hard to find clothes in my size. I got really frustrated one day, I decided to explore the kids’ section. I think all the treasures are buried there. This top is made out of the finest quality cotton and it’s really comfy! Cheap and comfy!

I really enjoyed partaking in this Corporate Chic journey. If you’d like share with us your Corporate Chic look, do send us an email along with photos attached.

Hope y’all have a nice week ahead!

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  1. S here!~ Me likey Tuesday <3 me likey Corporate Chic too! Me jealous of working ppl already =( rawr