Out of Bounds

Given this blog is probably read by girls (or guys for that matter) all over the world, let's just stretch it out to the land down under shall we.

The fashion is pretty awesome here and the fun and laid back culture comes into play with the designs. Just to give you a mild gist of it, here are samples of it:

 Maxi From Dotti - lovely for summer

 Baba Yaga Hat from Dotti - very in during winter seasons =)

 Lovely laced tops from Valleygirl

 Dresses from Valleygirl

These are 2 of the many shops that are known to all around Australia. Coming from Perth, I shop there all the time and it's amazing at the amount that is slashed from the prices. As a student, earning can be pretty tough may it be part time or casual. Hence, these are the shops for you girls!!

Drama aside, will update more later.

Till then xo xo

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