It has been awhile..

Hi fellow readers, M here and I hope all of you are still following us and as my partner in crime, H said, we will try to update as often as we can despite of our working schedule. Do continue to show your support because our readers are what gives us the motivation and the determination to make this one of the best review blogs in town.

Today I will be reviewing random items which I came across over the past few months and some of these items may not even be available anymore, but sometimes it's just nice to long for something pretty even though we cannot have it, isn't that right girls?

Out of these 5 items, I was so tempted to order.....ALL 5! But the restraining order I put on myself was holding on real well *pats self on back* :P From top down, pussy bow top, a very feminine, soft but at the same time masculine blouse, polka dotted full skirt, another polka dotted baby-doll dress and the striped sweetheart dress. The items all screamed elegant, sweet and slightly 70's inspired. 

Just purchased 2 blouse from here a week ago and I couldn't resist it when I saw that they had updated. They are well stocked with sweet, demure and flirty blouses like the two below and for me, its perfect for work. It makes a plain black work pants or skirt look interesting when paired together and I will definitely purchase more once my ban is lifted :P

I happened to visit their boutique when I was in KL and had the spur of the moment trip to Bangsar and I have to say their clothes look even better life than in pictures. Love so many items from the recent updates. Two words that came to my mind was, vintage and versatile.

Ok that's all from me folks. Till the next update. Good night all :)

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