Itching to shop

I'm sure most of you reading this blog are shopaholics. I can't deny the fact that i'm a shopaholic. i literally itch to shop if i go too long without shopping. and for me too long is usually less than a week. that's how bad i am. my last purchase was on saturday (technically my last purchase was just yesterday but i bought something practical so it does not count. hehe) and now i'm really feeling the itch to shop!!

So here are some stuff that caught my eye (and no, i have not bought anything but am very tempted though!)
Shorts from angel glory. Super cute and looks comfy as well. perfect for days when you're just feeling too lazy to really dress up.

toga dress from double woot. I think we've said this many times but double woot is really one of our fav blogshops!

when i first saw this dress on white soot i knew i'm in trouble. i LOVE it!!! i'm now sitting here contemplating whether or not i should get it even as i'm typing this. SHOULD I?????
another gorgeous dress from white soot. I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

ok. gonna sit and decide whether i can justify buying the dresses from white soot. shall update again soon!

and oh yea, would like to welcome a new egs-er on board. K who wrote the post below this.

Welcome K!!!! Do post lots. hehe.

the hopeless shopaholic, h

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