Long time no post

Although H or other egs girls have said this, and I know I'm just repeating this over again... Really do apologise and very very sorry for the lack of updates and posts! Last year in university has been really rough for me *pity me plz*

Anyways, let's give another warm welcome to Miss K who's also part of the childhood friends team. Will need to do her introduction soon ( makes mental note)

So, what to blog about?

In my 2X years of my life, I finally dyed my virgin black hair with the darkest shade of brown. The product I used was Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye "Dark Chocolate". Yumm
Easy to use and not drying/ very damaging to your beloved hair supposedly! However, some of my acquaintances complained of the smell which I actually thought was more bearable than the ones I got in hair salons Hahahaha Then, again I might be just biased. And different colours like milk tea or sweet pink and many more have like different cute/pretty models with different poses! Packaging ftw. I hate it when I look from left row to the right and it the same girl with each of her hair strand in the exact same position but just her hair color digitally edited *pouts* But, that's just me.

Moving on... seeing that I'll need to enter workforce soon, makeup is sort of essential in making good first impressions. I started to buy a bit here and there and poof! I'm sick of concealing which for me doesn't really do much =P I decided to take better care of my face and followed this lady's recommendation of Shiseido's d program acne care set which requires 4 steps! Double cleansing... great... which I religiously followed (which I normally find the 3 step care of washing-toner-moisturiser already a pain) This is my utmost effort people!! So far... no difference but it's only been 5 days. Will briefly tell you the results soon-ish *blushes*
That's all for now! Hahahaha S's randomness has filled S's quota of the day =) Thank you thank you


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  1. lol this is too coincidental because I used the same hair dye in milk tea brown just a week ago. Love it to bits but I think I might have needed 2 bottles. XD and i think the smell is quite bearable! not to mention the lotion which smelled very very good and makes my hair ultra soft. i am in total support of liese hair dye.