Accessory Necessary

La Dolce is back with another astounding collection of accessories imported from japan and korea.

From upper left box (clockwise): Bow with pearls hairbands, white & gold bracelet, cute kitty rings (if you're a cat lover like me <3, and (vintage camera pendants had been always around now check this out! ) cute camera pendants!

I think these two would make a wonderful set! I just love the soft ribbon ring, simple and sweet! Not too huge nor not too small to go unnoticed! Futari mo Daisuki desu! Hahaha

Black Milk project on the other hand has brought in lovely lovely watch necklaces under the name 'TimeLord's  Timekeeper's collection' Personally, I have been looking for necklaces like these but it ain't easy =(. For someone like me who doesn't like wearing watches only to have the shape of the watch on my wrist as I get dark really easily (probably by sitting in the car even...) anyways, sometimes I'd be lazy to check my phone for the time and THIS would help a great deal. It's hanging on my neck! Not deep in my tight-fitting jeans pocket *laughs hysterically* Okay, back to the reviewing... I can't seem to choose just 1 of these wonderful I shall share with you all basically most of them! ahaks~

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... they're all vintage looking, thus giving a timeless look and I can see myself using it till I'm 40! Hahahaha ( hmmm.. though I wonder if it'll last that long? Do we get to change the batteries?)

I really like Classical. Its look is just classical. *lame pun totally intended*

Clarabel just gives me a Ed feel. You do know Eduard Elric right? He's really famous blond bloke who hates being called 'chibi' and has an automail for a hand! Hahahaha Fullmetal alchemist's ending is just love!! How he proposed to Winry and her response *giggles like a fangirl*

Madame Butterfly is really really pretty. So, I had to include this here. All of them are below RM30! ( RM29 which IS below thirty so what? ) Check them out now at Black Milk Project so that you won't miss out on these wonderful pieces.

S here wishing everybody Happy Winter Holidays!~


  1. i justttt soooo loveeeeee your review write upsssss!!!!! seriously, you make them sound realllllyyy exquisite (not saying that the collection isn't exquisite... but...yea u get what i mean!!)

    and yes, they all come with changeable batteries! you can just get it done in any watch shop. Thanksssssssssss for the awesome review babe!! ^^

  2. Hahaha I get what you mean =P

    Very glad you like my post *blushes* and it's changeable?!?! omg people! This is a must buy *squeals*

    Thx for the comment, made me smile teehehe ^^

  3. s!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did you have to spoil fma ending for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is this v? It's not finished yet har? >.< I followed the manga only... chap 108 came out pretty long ago liaw boh T^T

    Gomen! >3<

  5. The watch caught my eye because it had been a part of human culture since the earliest times. People wear it to satisfy their vanity, to indulge their love for beautiful things and to look good to others.
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  6. Yea in fact it looks really unique, is there any chance we can have watches in pakistan like these?